WTB glass trout project rod

Hi all,
I'm looking for an old glass trout rod. Something equivalent to a 5wt and 8.5' or longer. I'm looking to make it into a small stream switch rod. Pleaase me know what you have and what you'd let it go for.
I've been looking for one for a while whith no luck...
Thanks for the help with this project!



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if you can find an old fenwick that'd be the ticket, I found a 74 inch 5 weight that was built shottily then I stripped it and rebuilt her, now she's my favorite small stream rod

15 years ago I built a switch rod for small streams from a glass rod and was highly disappointed due to the mushiness in the but section. I eventually switched back to graphite and was much happier with the performance in two handed mode. Last year I built out a TFO Axiom 5wt into a switch that has been great. I put a removable handle on the back to have the most flexibility as possible. My line set up for two handing is a 190gr head with mono running line. When single handing I just use a strait 5wt line. If I have kind of a mixed set up I will use a 6 or 7wt line. This blank will handle a wide range of lines due to the fact that it has some kevlar mixed with the graphite. I also built a 7wt Axiom rod up with the same set up for small stream steelheading and was very pleased with the performance of this rod also. Both of these rods allow me to fish waters that other fly guys walk on by.

I love my old glass rods for single handing in small streams and that is why I thought of using glass to go switch. If you go this way let us know how it performs and what blank (rod) you end up using.