WTB: Really HEAVY Spey Reel

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Ed Call

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What is the biggest reel that you have that you are not using or that you'll put a price tag on. Let me know here or via PM. I'm gonna need a heavy reel to balance out this new stick I'm trying. Thanks.
Ed, I've got a Sage 5700 that is beautiful. Really to big for any of my rods. If interested let me know, I can send some pictures. I know your pretty internet search savy so I won't bore you with details.

You could contact "Just Reels" - I saw on that website Jim just sold a 16oz Hayden & he had a couple lighter ones at 12 oz, or so. Might be some unadvertised specials as well.
Spey Co. reels. I have talk to Tim and I have the trout and saving for the spey. If you call and talk with him, he can change the weight of a reel to balance the rod you are going to use. Give him a call.

Ed Call

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Denny, my first ever WFF friend, you are probably more right now than ever. Everyone knows, Mumbles is a fool.

Define heavy? Suggestions on this rod are from 17-18.5 oz. I shoveled gravel all weekend as my first effort to build enough muscle mass from my cheeseburger halo to heft this thing.


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If rod balance is the issue, you can reach the balance point with less weight overall by placing it further from the fulcrum, which is where your forehand grips the rod. Instead of heavier reels, or worse - wrapping lead tape or lead core on the reel arbor (I say worse because that increases "revolving" weight), drill out the plug at the butt of your rod. Stuff some pencil lead in there in whatever amount is needed to achieve the desired balance. In the end, you will have perfect balance and a lower overall weight. You learned this long before Physics 101, or should have.


Ed Call

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Salmo_g, as a once talented road cyclist in a sunflower strewn part of the world I now that rotating weight sucks. Limiting that suck by moving weight central to the hub is key. Of course in the cycling application this does not have quite the ease of fulcrum adjustment that the fly rod presents. Please know full well that I'm considering not only heavier reels but also strategic placement of weights that would bring the balance point down, without doing any harm to the rod itself. It looks like the butt cap to the reel is designed to be removed. I'm awaiting some input from a couple of fellows that have similar reels to ask their wisdom on the removal of the butt matter. Right now worse is doing nothing and having a balance point way up the rod. We'll get that balance point down to a place that should make this whole project fun, and fun is good! Thanks. Ed


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Both a little lighter than your recommended, but a non ported Pate Marlin would be my choice. Abel 4.5, again nonported would come in still a little lighter, but if you ever have any bluewater aspirations, the Marlin or the Abel would be great choices. My Pate and my 4.5 are just tanks. And they are out of fashion so used prices are low.

Watching this place like a hawk would be a good idea http://www.just-reels.com/Forsale.htm
I have a Ross Momentum 8 that I will let you try out. I don't want to sell it but you might compare it to others. I also have two CLA #7's that are pretty bulky. I could bare to sell one. You can try one of those too.
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