WTT: Photography for Flies

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Big E

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I'm going to try and publish a fly tying article and need someone to take good quality pictures for me. This will most likely consist of taking pictures of flies in various stages of development. In return, I'll send you some flies and of course, if I get published, credit will go to whomever took the photos.

Must be able to produce pictures in TIFF or RAW format and at least 5 mega pixels.

If this interests you, PM me some photos of some flies and we'll go from there.


Ed Call

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OrangeRadish, Kerry and Chris Scoones all take some damn fine photos. There are dozens more that fill the gallery pages.


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Thanks for the mention Ed. Not me, I am strictly an amateur and enthusiast when it comes to pics and I am not very experienced in macro photography. The Radish is the one you want.
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