FS Xtreme Sport Pontoon Boat

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Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
I bought this 6ft pontoon off a fellow WFF for a friend who convince me that he was serious to become a flyfisherman. Well here it is never paid for so after two plus months time to get my money back. This boat has the oversize pontoons which allows for extra weight (350#), This boat comes with SOS's Aluminum Frame, Oars, Carry Bag, Pump, fill adapter,back packer straps, Rear Cargo Bag & side bags also included is a custom battery box with transon the previous owner constructed & custom foot rest. I paid $400 asking the same



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This is a cool little boat and I'd be all over it if I didn't already have one. Am even considering getting it just for a spare.

However, the intent of my post is to comment on the motor mount. People crack me up. Here you have a small, tiny boat, designed and built for compactness and light weight; carrying it into lakes as nice package. It comes complete with two modes of transportation (fins and oars) and yet somebody had the need to customize it to use an electric trolling motor, battery, and motor mount. I guess that is the great thing about America...we can do what we want unless the government prohibits it.
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