Yakima 10-12/13

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    Decided it was time I head east and try some dry fly action. I just finished up at central and hadn't had the chance to fish the Yak since last spring. She was callin me! Headed out Friday to stay with a buddy (little later than planned of course) rolled in about 730 or so. Also the opening day of modern for deer on Saturday. I didn't venture into the canyon for that reason.

    3rd cast I had a fish come up and eat my October caddis and I kissed him. I thought for sure the whole day would be full of action, but we all know that couldn't happen. Took me until about 1030 to figure out what water they were in and then the fun began! Finished the day with between 15-20 fish. I lost a few on streamers that I want back, but over all it was a great day! Got my biggest whitey ever, just over 20" and FAT, biggest trout was about 12" or so, but there were lots to be had in the 10-12" range which was just what I wanted/needed. Hooked fish on everything from October cadis, copper john, BWO, and streamers.

    Sunday woke up and it was 25 degrees, cold water turned the fish off till about 20 minutes before I had to leave :( however it was a great weekend! Fished a smaller river Sunday...bad fishin great scenery!! Sorry for upside down pics, the good ole "smart" phone wins again

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    Nice! I've got to get out there, thanks for the motivation

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