Yakima Flies

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    Feb 25, 2003
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    Hello all,
    I'm heading to the Yak for the first time next week, any fly ideas?
    I've been following the recent reports and it looks like bwo's right now. What size?
    What about nymphs, any ideas- size, pattern, etc. Can I expect some stoneflies?
    Any ideas would help alot- thanks all and tight lines!
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    Sep 25, 2001
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    1. Run a two-fly set up. Generally I like to run a stonefly (golden stone) as my first fly and something smaller off the back.

    2. Nymphys to use are golden stones (6-10), lighting bugs (14-18), softhackled pheasant tails (14-18) flashback pheasant tails (14-18), brassies (14-18) and so on. Remember to keep your trailer bug kind of small since you are trying to imitate those BWO's and March Brown nymphs moving around the bottom. Also if you are using a soft hackled fly remember to let it swing around on the end of your drift to imitate that emerging bug. Also, remember it's fishing so you will need to be adaptive to the situation of the river temp, weather and so on. If one bug doesn't work, go to the next.

    3. Dries - stick with nymphs most of the day since it is still very cold over there. Fish feed 90% of the time on nymphs, so your best success will most likely come from them. If the temps do get up a little then work a skwala imitation in a size of 8-10 along the banks. Also, if the bugs are coming off just match the hatch. For your best reports email The Evening Hatch Guide Service (509-962-5959), they have the most experience and know the river the best.

    Chad Gillespie