Yakima Report - good day for the fish

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    My dad and made the trek over the mountains to fish the Yak yesterday, did a long float for this time of year from Ringer to Umtanum, a stretch we have fished since early fall. Checked the weather report on Friday and it was looking like high 40's and sunny, which when leaving issaquah yesterday morning looked about right. Gorgeous morning until we hit the pass and ran into freezing fog which covered the east side all the way over to Ellensburg.

    Put in at Ringer at 10 or so and put one nice white fish and one smaller rainbow in the net within the 20 minutes, great way to start the day! Dad pinned, then unpinned, a nice rainbow on a streamer then instructed me to go after him with the nymph rod. After 4-5 drifts I hooked what I'll say was the same fish and lost a quick fish, at least got a look at him. Hit a dry spell for the next mile or so, wanted to explore some new water but couldn't resist posting up in the honey hole for a bit. Dad had the hot hand with several hook ups including a steelhead! Same exact spot I hooked the only other steelhead we've run into on this river last year. Was hooked on a #16 LB on 5x so I'll let you all guess how that fight ended.

    Hit another dry spell then pushed oars down to the beaver tail. Big horn sheep were everywhere, saw 50-60. New spots I wanted to try turned up nada so we pushed oars again to try our stealth game at frustration flat (50' of line out, oars out of the water, no breathing) and hooked one great rainbow at the head of the flat. Fought for a minute or or as we made our way to the right side, getting a couple honks from cars driving by, before it came undone and some choice words were said.

    Finished the day at Umtanum with plenty of daylight and ran into Sam Schermer (issaquah TU youth coordinator) with his dad gettin after em by the bridge, glad I wasn't the only one freezing my butt off over there today! Fog never did burn off and we had ice in our guides all day. As the title suggests fish won today (went about 3/10) but a great day to not be doing house work. No pictures - I'd say it's for fish handling purposes but the truth is no worthy fish made it close to the net. So I guess I could just be making this whole day up!

    Wordy report, here's the short version - hot flies were silver lightning bug and #10 double beaded 20"er in the deep slow stuff.

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    Thanks for sharing. I've got to get on the water soon. Cool picture.