Yakima Report - unusual techniques and a chance WWF meeting.

I hit the river this morning at 9:00. Tried drifting a Stonefly dry with a dropper. No luck in my usual productive spots, not even a strike. Switched to a large Cranefly dry and fished the slower, slicker water. Bingo, two fish and multiple strikes over the next half hour. Decided to try swinging an October Caddis pupa. Bingo again! One 17"
immediately followed by an 15".

Pulled into Worley Bugger to show off the pics since I had bought both flies from them. I was pleasantly surprised to see Chad Lewis there so I took him to the Tav. (Great bar, but surprisingly not dog friendly, even in the courtyard)

Rick Todd

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I was out rowing a friend on Tuesday and at one anchor spot managed to hook on this guy. Measured 19"( in the measure net.) #18 parachute Adams as I saw lots of rises to small Baetis. River is fishing good right now!

Chad Lewis

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Great to have lunch and a beer with Patrick. I went to the stretch Steve recommended. Put my rod together and realized my bag of reels got unpacked with the camping gear. So back to Worley Bugger where Steve let me borrow a reel for the day. He didn't even make fun of me while I was there; that Steve's a class act. Went back to Steve's recommended spot and proceeded to have a really good day. Shackleton (my dog) got pretty excited about one fish and got in a little deep when he saw it on the line. While I played the fish he came floating by in front of me paddling for the shore in some decent current. I gave him a push to 'till he got his feet under him and he got to sniff a fish a minute later. God knows why a Welsh Terrier is so interested in fish. Gonna have to take him to the river in a PFD from now on if he keeps this up.

Triploidjunkie, thanks for taking me fishing last week. Looking forward to a rematch sometime.