Yakima River Clean-up Days - October 2009

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
Upfront, I'll apologize if this is an event that's already in the planning stages for this year, but I haven't seen anything posted as of yet - and there is already some good momentum on another thread about river clean up.

The idea is to get as many anglers and boats and trucks and helping hands as possible, and get the Yakima River cleaned up. This year seems particularly bad to me - it's sad to see the trash, discarded clothes, punctured rafts, etc - you name it, the river needs our help.

If you're interested in helping out in any way possible, post up here - I'll contact the shops, guides, and outfitters in the area (or post up if you represent one) and start the ball rolling. I'll get the Bellevue/Issaquah TU Chapter involved too. Any other ideas?

If you've facilitated a river clean-up like this before - GREAT - let's not reinvent the wheel. I'd just like to get the ball rolling and start generating interest.

Yes - the river will need to come down some in flows - hence the October choice. But there's plenty of trash to be taken now....:(

Thanks for your comments, support, and ideas. Let's get something done. Who wants to help?
As noted in the other thread, I am in so long as the date chosen isn't spoken for already. I have a boat and would be willing to offer a seat to somone else that doesn't have one. Sounds like a great way to do some good for the river and meet some WFF members at the same time.

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
Thanks everyone - I'll post up a date and bump this thread when I hear from Scoones about making this an event that can be posted.

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
Well, I enjoy this forum and don't want to get booted for not following the rules. However, we should probably get going on this.

The result should be more important than the organizing, but I sure do value a smart process and clear objectives.

I'll reach out to the Cle Elum and Ellensburg shops and ask their advice on planning and logistics.

Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic responses to help. Anyone interested in helping to organize please chime in.

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
I have set the date - October 17th and 18th. Posted on the Events calendar. Please take a look and spread the word - the River needs our help.

Let's plan a group meet-up/BBQ on Saturday evening, as well as a photo-op/wrap up meeting on Sunday to get some photos and positive exposure for this event.

From this thread, here's who has already expressed an interest:

Connor H
Jake Dixon
Bill Dodd
Scott Salzer
Luke 77

Thanks in advance for your contributions and willingness to get out there and spend some time cleaning the river - it will be worth it.


Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
I fished Saturday and Sunday through the canyon. It was almost sickening... I saw people finishing beer and throwing it behind them into the water. We counted 15 or so deflated inner tubes in the bushes and wrapped around sticks! I think this event should help do wonders considering this is a 2 day event.