Yakima River - Shuttle Service

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    Saw the other day that The Evening Hatch is now offering [link:www.theeveninghatch.com/shuttle.htm|shuttle service] to the entire River above Rosa. fyi:


    The Evening Hatch is now offering the first shuttle service covering the entire Blue Ribbon Section of the Yakima River. To schedule a shuttle, use our toll free # @ 1-866-482-4480 or e-mail us @ [email protected] with your request. We will fill out a shuttle sheet and send you some paperwork via e-mail or fax.

    After this is done, all you will need to do is go fishing and we will make sure your vehicle is at the designated take out point!

    Payment can be by Cash, Check or Visa/Mastercard


    Easton to Cle Elum Stretches $27.50
    Cle Elum to State Launch $25.00
    State Launch to River Raft Rentals/Diversion $25.00
    Diversion to KOA, Irene $17.50
    Diversion to Ringer $20.00
    KOA to Irene, Ringer $15.00
    KOA to Bighorn $17.50
    KOA to Umtanum $22.50
    Irene to Ringer $15.00
    Irene to Bighorn $17.50
    Irene to Umtanum $22.50
    Ringer to Bighorn $15.00
    Ringer to Umtanum, Reds $20.00
    Ringer to Lluma, Slab $22.50
    Ringer to Mahres, Roza $25.00
    Bighorn to Umtanum, Reds $20.00
    Bighorn to Lluma, Slab $22.50
    Bighorn to Mahres. Roza $25.00
    Umtanum to Lluma, Slab $22.50
    Umtanum to Mahres, Roza $25.00