Just wondering, why don't they team up with the CWU/Ellensburg clean up that takes place the first weekend in October? It doesn't make sense to clean up the river again a few weeks after a big clean up. The CWU paper says that they had 200 volunteers and cleaned up 5000lbs of debris. Just my opinion, but maybe a team effort or changing it to a spring clean up would be a better use of everyones time.

Rob Blomquist

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I really wonder why the shops on the westside don't take up another worthy area, and advertise it? It sure seems to me that the NF Stilly, Pass Lake, Lone lake and the rest of the rivers around here could really use a little TLC.

Maybe its time for a www.washingtonflyfishing.com cleanup of a river, too.
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Good question! I asked Steve Worley about that and the answer has to do with dollars. Steve doesn't want to give up a good weekend of guideing on the river. At least that was the response I got. I guess if someone is volunteering their time we shouldn't question their motives as to when they do it. Still it would make more sense to combine to two clean up days into to one.

Steve does organize a spring clean up as well!


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