Yarnies - Love or Hate?

This thread has really got me to thinking.

All my life, I thought I'd been been doing the right thing by fishing a maggot on a 3wt line and 6X tippet - my pappy said this was the proper way to angle with a fly. No finer way, he added. In fact, he would often fish with a bunch of flies on a #6 hook, caught lots of fish in his day. "Fishing fly nymphs", he called it.

Now, reading all the great stuff from you guys, I'm beginning to wonder if I should be "fly fishing nymphs" instead. Must go read a bunch of books to learn more...or study my downloaded Hank Patterson videos.

In all seriousness, for me personally it's all about what I feel like doing on that particular day, though the underlying constant is that I always feel like catching fish. Now my methods change based upon whatever I feel like within the regulations of course. I experiment a lot. I don't get hung up on what you want to call it, it's a minor issue to me. I grew up fishing with a wooden stick and a line tied on the other end. I'd sit on the rocks and drop my line below me in the water (salt) and with a line, hook and piece of cheese on the other end I caught lots of fish. Best memories ever! I would use my dads lead (some kind of metal) left over wine bottle neck wrap folded and re-folded for weight. I then graduated to hand line fishing, a big ol wooden spool with line, weight and hooks. Then I got a spinning rod, then I got into fly fishing.

Sometimes, I gear fish, sometimes a bait fish, bobber fish, swing flies, eggs etc. Sometimes I do it "traditional' style, sometimes, I break out of what seems to be the only way to fly fish right and go straight up un-orthodox. In the end, I look to have fun within the boundaries of the law and will do whatever I please.

What concerns me more than anything, yes more than swinging vs bobber vs whatever is THE WAY SOME PEOPLE HANDLE THE EFFING FISH!!!!

I've seen many a "traditional" fly angler BUTCHER a fish just for the camera, grabbing the fish all over etc, don't get me going here...

Anyhow, thought I'd spin the thread or at least try! :D
No touching!!!!! Crap, you mean I spent $450.00 on G4's for nothing? Oh, I get it now, no touching the fish. The picture I am posting was of a fish that would have been properly handled had it not jumped out of my buddies hand. I call it Coho Revenge.

Oh come on, he probably pulled it up on a worm under a bobber, then asked his buddy if he could hold that weird flyfishing rod for the photo. It's like a double hander photobomb. :D


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Like it or not that was a legally harvested fish and I suppose not one steelhead has been harvested by someone fishing with a nymph. Telling us about nymphers harvesting steelhead likely wouldn't fit with your particular brand of propaganda would it.