Yarnies - Love or Hate?

Thats why I like indicator fishing. I can smoke and drink beer all the while fishing effectively with my flyrod pinched under my arm.

wait a minute, isn't that one of the reasons commonly given for swinging flies?

"gives you the chance to look around and absorb your surroundings whilst sipping on your scotch and smoking the finest of tobaccos in your pipe that has been passed down through generations"
Heeheehee, this thread is AwESoMe!!!! Minus the dude molesting that beast... Even though my methods are sometimes unorthodox and straight dirty, I always show the fish love. If that guy is handling the fish like that, I hope he didn't try to "revive" it afterward. Gee!!
I'm thinking all of that minus the bobber/diver dilly and spin-n-glow would be very manageable on a fly rod, the action would probably be nice and the steelies would kill it. :D. Actually instead of the spin-n-glow you could put a piece of sequine in front of it for some added action. Very tempting! :D

Can someone help me cast this on a spey rod?

Well, we fell way short of the projected 30 pages for this thread, so I would like to pose one question with only a one word answer.

Do you love or hate the Yarnie?


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Neither. I would have to care about the Yarnie in order to either love it or hate it. Guess that makes me the uncaring type, with regards to Yarnies anyway.