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Looking for recommendations on detailed maps of Yellowstone National Park. I need a map that will show the names of the waterways as well as the roads. If it showed trails as well that would be great. Im headed there in July for 2 weeks and have never been. I would like to start my research now and begin to formulate a plan and plot a route to best maximize our time there. Any thoughts and recommendations are appreciated. Thanks everyone!


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The National Geographic Trail Illustrated map should provide what you're looking for:

Here's another place to get some online info:

Be aware that roads are constantly under repair in the park and delays due to construction are common; check the YNP page to find out what's in store for you.

When in July are you planning on being there? Time of month could make a difference on where you'd want to fish - streams on the western side tend to warm up quickly due to the geothermal activity and usually aren't fishable by mid-month, sometimes sooner. The streams in the NE end can still be in full runoff, depending on the winter's snowpack and onset of warmer weather; they're usually fishable towards the end of the month, sometimes sooner. Keep an eye on the snowpack data and you'll at least have a ballpark idea of when/where you might want to fish. Also check with the shops - Blue Ribbon in West Yellowstone, and Parks, in Gardiner, are my favorites and they provide updates on conditions.


Thomas Williams

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Well Scott thanks for your advice. I only say July because I was told it would be best after runoff. I will be there for 14 days with a good friend of mine and we are young physically fit and dedicated. We are willing to hike and do whatever it takes to explore the park to the fullest possible in that amount of time. I have a lot of time to make a plan and July isnt set in stone. I will surely have to do a lot more research to make the most of our trip. I considered getting a guide on the Madison at least once. Other than that the sky is the limit right now. What do you think the best starting point would be? Whats your recommendation for best time of year to head that way?


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Yellowstone Fly Fishing by Robert E. Charlton
has many detail maps with lakes, streams trails and roads.
And plenty of text, of course. Seems like a pretty comprehensive guide book.
It divides the park into zones corresponding pretty much to watersheds.



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PM sent.

ps - Richard Parks Fishing Yellowstone National Park, and Craig Mathews Yellowstone Flyfishing Guide are good books to start with
There are so many. I still use an old Texaco Montana map from 1973 with a good separate map of the Park on the back. Two paperback guidebooks, one for fishing/flyfishing the Park, one for hiking the Park, would have all the maps and information you need, and would be light enough to carry. If, like most youngsters, you wear pants primarily to have a pocket for your I-phone, no doubt there are plenty of downloadable map apps.
I did some construction up there last year. alot of fun fishing they have some good trail maps for free there that got me where i needed and have about everywhere you can go by yourself. course planning you may need ahead of time. I would consider the fishing in the park to be mediocre compared to most fishing in Mt but a beautiful area and interesting scenery. I had my best luck on the firehole. but i was there later in the year. have a blast and bring bear spray. as a kid you would be lucky to see a grizzly, in the park last year I saw over 15. im sure there were some duplicates in there. one night driving in, it was snowing really hard and a pack of wolves paced my rig for half a mile. pretty fun place. but i did find myself looking over my shoulder alot more there than usual.