SBS Yellowstone Sally SBS


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Found this on the flyfishyellowstone blog. Cool looking fly, and since I'm playing around with Tellico-like bugs, figured I'd tie one up.

hook - Mustad 9671 #14
underbody - non-tox wire .015
thread - MFC 8/0 dark brown
rib - peacock herl/x-fine wire gold
tail - pheasant tail (original pattern calls for hare's mask or muskrat guard hairs; me like pheasant)
body - Unistretch yellow (original calls for floss; ugh!)
shellback/wing pad - turkey tail segment (treat with vinyl cement if you wish; not done here)
legs - pheasant tail (beard style)

mash barb, wrap shank with non-tox

start thread, wrap underbody, taper front and back; tie in ribbing

measure tail for length (hook gap past bend) and tie in

tie in peacock

tie in turkey segment (little less than hook gap width)

tie in Uni-stretch, wrap tapered body; tie off

twist peacock/wire, rib body

measure legs (little less than shank, want them to extend back to hook point) and tie in facing forward (I prefer to fold them back for a cleaner head); trim butts

pull shellback forward; tie down

pull turkey back to create wing pad; used non-tox looped over body instead of bodkin point for photographic purposes (actually a lot easier to manipulate than the bodkin); fold, tie off,trim and pull the wire out

push the beard back, tie down

trim, half hitch x2, SHHAN