Yokum Lake

Hey any of you eastsiders ever been to Yokum Lake? I am doing a little research on where I can go for the weekend and avoid the crowds and this lake seems like the farthest spot I can go without leaving the state. I saw a couple of reports on it on another site and seems like it would be kinda nice. It didn't sound like the fish got to big but it sounded like it would be a good camping spot. If that is not a good spot any suggestions for that area ? meaning Pend Oreille county. I got a pontoon so I can do meduim sized lakes. :confused:
From my experience Yokum can be a little rowdy with the type of campers. Another option would be Browns lake it is fly fishing ony and the clientele are a little "more refined". There is a nice camground with a host. Nearby are north and south Skookum which both have campgrounds also. Another nice spot is Marshall lake it is full of co-operative little cutts and has some great camping spots.
jesse clark


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Stephen, Expect crowds everywhere this weekend. It has been a cold rainy spring up here so far(ice on the the windshield this morning and the doors frozen closed!) but the forecast for the coming weekend sounds rather favorable. That means people will come out of the woodwork to camp and fish and drink beer and throw frisbees and stay up all night and laugh real loud and play loud music while their dogs bark, their kids scream and general chaos ensues. Nothing like 3 days off to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors...... :D

Jesse's suggestion is a good one though. We were at Brown's for the opener and fishing was just excellent. The road in is no walk in the park-particularly if you have a low slung rig but manageable if you use some caution.

By the way, I live pretty close to Yocum and seldom fish it and wouldn't send any of my friends there. There is much better water in the area.

Have a great trip and let us know how you do. Ive

thanks for the tips Ive. Sounds a little cold eh! that's okay I like the cold weather. It's been getting pretty warm down here I think it hit 80 today. As far as the road in I just picked up a jeep so I think I will do okay. Hey it should deter some people from going down there. I hope I can make it, I really want to check out the area,it's the one spot in Washington I haven't been yet that I really want to check out.


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Be careful,bud! It was the last area in Washington that I hadn't seen also. I drove through here 10 years ago, stopped to take a look, bought 20 acres of view property for less than a tract home lot in Vancouver and counted the days until retirement. Just the fact that there isn't a traffic light in the county was enough to make me move but the natural beauty is just stunning. And the fishing? Well, I can't do it all but I am sure making an honest effort of it! Ive


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the weather forecast is to be good for this weekend. friday in spokane 85degrees and mid sixties for the weekend and no rain till tues. or wed.
mike w
It is Memorial Day. There's lots of camping, most of it good, but this weekend ain't the one, really. I'd choose N. Skookum over South, Browns will be full, it's on the upswing popularity-wise these days. You may want to think of some of the USFS stuff, including Yocum (yeah, Ive, I know, but the cutts can be fun there) or chain of lakes on the east side of the Pend O'Reille. If you're really good with FWD, Vanes was stocked last year, :beathead: (It's a hike in there, don't even try to drive). I'd stick with Marshall or noname if I was down that way, look hard at the bigger campgrounds i.e. Sullivan if you're in North County. There's lots of backcountry car camping, but please camp clean.

good luck, the fish are hitting on damsel nymphs and the callibaetis hatch about noon or so.

Hey Ive that's what I am afraid of LOL! I have been looking to go there for over a year and I know I am just going to love it. Thanks for the extra info Guy, sounds like back to the drawing board for a little more research! and the Weather sounds like it is going to be awesome.