you know you're a fly fisherman when....

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Dan said:
When ... your net worth is defined by your bamboo rod collection.
Here's another guy's collection that's gotta be worth as much as my house.


I always knew I had a really serious problem. I just never realized I was in such good company .......Here's the collection alphabetically...
Rolf Baginski 7 1/2', 2 pc, 5wt
M.F. Calviello 6 1/2', 2pc, 3wt BiPower This one arrived w/ a broken tip I haven't hat time to fix yet
Chubb 9', 3pc, 4wt circa 1890 restored by Steve Blake
D. Degere 6 1/2', 2pc, 2wt "Special"
D.Degere 7'7", 2pc, 5/6wt "Points North" Nitrogen cured
Divine 8', 3pc, 5wt early rod restored by Steve Blake
Dickerson 8013 dated 1947
Dickerson 8014 dated 1949 made for Margrethe Snyder
Dickerson 861711 dated 1936 made for Leland F. Carter
Edwards Quad #43 8', 5wt restored by Sam Carlson
Gillum 9',3pc, 7wt Light Salmon
Granger Registered 7', 2pc, 4wt got this from Bocash
Granger Special 7 1/2', 3pc, 5wt
Heddon #8, 7 1/2', 3pc, 5wt
Irgens Quad 7 1/2', 2pc, 5wt
Leonard 38
Leonard Catskill 39-5
Leonard 10', 3pc, 5wt circa WWI
L & C Regent 7 1/2' 5wt
Montague 7 1/2', 5wt
Ralph Moon 6 1/2', 2pc, 3/4wt "Firehole"
Ralph Moon 7 1/2', 2pc, 5/6 wt "Firehole"
Payne 101
Payne 200L
Payne 201
Payne 7'9" Parabolic
Phillipson Peerless 7', 2pc, 4wt
Phillipson Premium 7 1/2', 2pc, 5wt
Phillipson Pacemaker 8', 3pc, 5wt
Summers 275 7 1/2',4wt
FE Thomas Special 7 1/2', 3pc, 4wt
FE Thomas Browntone 10', 3pc Salmon "Miramichi Rod And Gun Club"
T&T Caenis 7', 2pc, 2wt
George Varney 8', 3pc, 5wt
Paul Young Para15


AKA Joe Willauer
When youve never put on dry wading boots....
When you spend 10$ at the car wash to thaw your drift boat from overnight freezes.
...the only body piercing you've ever experienced occurred while attempting to spey cast:D hate waking up early, except when going fishing. Then you wake up 2 hrs. before it's time to go...and without an alarm

...there's more fish pictures hanging in your office than shots of family members:confused: of your primary coping strategies for dealing with the day-to-day grind is to day dream about your next outing tell your wife stories about guys you don't even know except through a ff website
...when you hold longer, more affectionately, and more often your fly rod than your spouse.

...when you can follow a trail through your house to your tying table by the sparkle and glow of small pieces of 'krystal flash' in the carpet.
When Jungle cock for xmas is a good thing.

When watching the TV just does not feel right unless the vise and some feathers are on the coffee table.

When you met up in person with strange men and women you met up on line without making sure you meet in a public place first.
When your girlfriend complains that fishing is "the other woman" in the relationship.

When you look at your checking account and ask how many trips to the river it will buy you.

When your peers ask why you often have remnants of feathers on your clothing.


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yeah...I knew I was close didn't realize that that was the one...I was hoping to make a more profound statement like wolves in the OP or something. But now I can tease the OM ...couldn't really before.

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
When you save up your pocket change for a year, to buy raffle tickets for a spey rod, that you finally end up winning, and it turns out to be worth more than your fishing truck.

When it is mid January, 28 degrees and 7:00 a.m., and you have been camping out on your favorite stretch of the Hoh River, and all of the roads leading to Forks are frozen solid with black ice, and you make your first cast of the day- all alone- nothing but you, the ice,the eagles and fish.

When you drive up the Queets road on Christmas morning and no one else is there- not on the entire 13 mile drive to the campground at Sam's Creek, and you fish all day alone, and you make a little fire that evening and have dinner alone under the icy stars, and all you can feel is warm inside. And now, since the road is blocked off and you will have to walk half the way up there and back, you dont mind one bit.

When, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you get twenty five catalogs from fly fishing manufacturers- heavily featuring the latest and greatest of all the new technologies and contraptions and updated easier-to-cast-farther lines and rods etc- and you then feed every one of them into the glowing hot woodstove, and you go fishing with your old favorite rod and catch fish anyway.

When you are driving home and you dont mind that you and your waders and gear all smell like fish.

When you are glad to know that everyone else is posting here and that the rivers are wide open to you.
I know I have had a good year when my waders haven't been dry once. This year was one of those years. I am thinking I need another pair so I can keep em from getting so funky.