Your excuse for not fishing today?


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Working 7 10-hour days/week. Ain't had time to shit, let alone fish or chase pheasants. Hank isn't talking to me, I'm sleep-deprived & cranky, but all of the OT bumps my retirement wages a significant amount. I'll fish & hunt next year to my heart's content.
Are you a Inside wireman??

Jim Ficklin

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Are you a Inside wireman??
Nope, just an irradiated Hanford guy keeping you folks on the wet side safe from nuclear waste. The project to which I've been assigned means a great deal to us on the East Side & you. I own my job; always have. And I'll get this one done. too. Feel free to fish & hunt for me, cuz I sure ain't gonna have much chance to do either (but, as stated, I will from next year on . . . you do what you have to do.).


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Fished yesterday and today. 10:00 hit and everyone disappeared to watch the Hawks. Very enjoyable after that. I've now got a severe case of chumatitis.
Hiking yesterday. big church project today, now it's too late.
When I retired (2011) I figured I'd have lots of time to fish, sail, hike, hit the gym. I discovered there are still only 24 in a day and 7 of those in a week.
at least I manage to hit the gym most days. Fishing- I do well to get in a couple of days/week if that.