Your excuse for not fishing today?

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Lazy...................Do I have to say more. Besides I never fish weekends. Being retired I get to go all week. Which I haven't done in about a month.

All my get up and go, done got up and gone. But being lazy works.


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Got 2 invitations to go steelhead fishing, right after I backed off a ladder wrong; hyperextension and possible/probable meniscus damage (gonna push for an MRI when I see the ortho tomorrow) to the knee. Moving water is no place to be with a balky knee; had that happen on Rock Creek once and came close to being nicknamed Bob.



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Been sick since Thursday, and seemed like I was trying to hack up my guts an hour ago. Popped a T-3 hoping to suppress the coughing. Last weekend I didn't fish cuz it was my daughter's wedding. About half the guests came down with this same crud. New bride and groom are home sick with it. A second weekend of potential fishing sacrificed to illness. I better be able to go next weekend, or I'm gonna' 'assplode!