Your favorite brand and model of fly line(s), and why?


Tight line takes ain't no fakes!!
SA Steelhead taper is the best line for overhead,and roll casting IMHO. It also works quite well as a nymph line as the extended back taper alows for better stack mends at long distance.

I think the line thing is mental.......If the fish are biting it doesn't really matter. Plus that great line will feel totally different with a big fly, bushy fly, heavy fly, sintip, whatever. If you want distance for salt et cetera use a running line and if you want to mend don't. It is as simple as that isn't it? I think the only good way to judge a line is durability. Furthermore I hook most steelhead 30' or less in front of me. If I need more distance I am using a spey which doesn't even need to shoot that well as I can roll cast 60'. I don't think I have ever hooked a river salmon/steelhead more than 65' away. If you want an indicator nymph line use a permanent marker on your fly line to mark it or loop on a couple feet of floaty line of the right diameter with marks ( this can be a pain to cass but won't mess up your perfect line and I think it still feels better to the soul and wrist than a strike indicator )

If you want that butter casting every time than only fish small dry flies on WF lines. Unfortunately that limits your quarry.
I am a Wulf Triangle Taper guy for my dry fly fishing and use the Cortland 444for steelhead. Love both lines and don't buy much of anything else except the occasional Cortland Lazer 444.