You're Invited: Weekend on the Yakima / 1st Annual YakUp


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I am thinking about an epic Yakima weekend where I would try to float as much of the river as possible. There are a number of camping options. I'm not an expert by any means, but I think much fun could be had by getting a bunch of people together and doing a multi-day drift on one of our favorite local waters; upper to lower.

Cast your vote for either August 20-22 or 27-29.

The rest of the details will just naturally come together with a lot of good bickering, know it all-ness, and infighting :beer1:

Bob Jones

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Jesse sounds fun but!! did you see that the PHWFF is going to be the weekend of the 22nd. Alot of the regular guys will be helping out with that.I'm not a boater but I thought I'd better mention it for those who are.


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Good catch Bob - I might be up there both weekends if I can find a good enough of an excuse- just depends. It might also make sense to have something else going on the same weekend. Sometimes it's hard to gauge how many boats PHWFF needs and people could be freed up.

Rick Todd

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Sounds like fun! It is something I have wanted to do. I've floated from Ensign Ranch to Rosa in installments. The only tough spots are the log jams from Bullfrog to the Cle Elum River (take a pontoon or raft and portage around) and the diversion dam at Thorp (another portage). Late August is tough for my schedule however! Rick

Alex MacDonald

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PHW usually winds up with more boats than needed as we never know if guys will be cut loose from their duties or rehab regimen for these trips. We'll probably have more boats than we need. Either date works for me, and this time, I promise not to drop your steak!!!!


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Hey Jesse, I've done some thinking and I think I'd have a better chance to chaperon this debauchery if we went the 27th through the 29th (honeymoon from 8-15).

Sounds like fun though, plus it will get me on the upper river to see how well the "Luke bug" destroys the fish up there too. You know it's like catnip for trout. ;)

Ed Call

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I'm hopeful to get a duty swap at work to be there the full weekend of 20-22 so that I'm available to assist PHWFF if needed. If not I'll be fishing. The following weekend could be a possiblity too but I likely can't make both weekends. I'll follow this trip's plan and development.