youth group

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
do you know how many youth groups there are in the Seattle area

i don't but its probably a lot

and o anwser your ? im not, i don't go to youth group

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
They are playing SXSW tonight.

Here's a killer video, that's me in the red sweater with the gardening gloves. You'll see Jim Wallace, Matt Burke, Mingo, Itchy Dog, old man doing the handstands, matney in the yellow T-shirt when he was 6 or so, Beauchamp jumping the mambo stick, and some other WFF cameos in the video.

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Dude.......That's sweet. My first board I made in wood shop with wheels from an old pair of roller skates. The first commercial ones we had used metal wheels, then hard rubber. When the composite wheels became available you could do some amazing things. The promoters called it "sidewalk surfing" back then. Brings back great memories of my childhood in So Cal. All us 'surfer kids' wore Vans sneakers. We got them from the factory store for $2 a pair. I saw some in the store the other day for like $80. Same damn shoe, just different material pattern and color. Yes, I'm old!!!

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Boot. I fondly recall my first skateboard I got in probably 1974. It was acquired only after convincing my mom that I wouldn't kill myself on it, and saving up a few months' worth of allowance. On that proud day I recall marching into the local 7-11, where they also sold a fair number of Slurpees to all the neighborhood kids. My board was made of molded orange plastic and had a kicktail which made tick-tacking a breeze, and them newfangled polyurethane wheels were all the rage, gripping pavement in ways that steel or ceramic wheels never could as we glided down the streets and sidewalks, our feathered hair blowing in the breeze...ah, good times. I also recall that the wheel bearings were not sealed, and if the retaining nut came loose, the bearings would spray everywhere, causing a massive wheel failure, often at inopportune moments.
damn Islander, you is old!! We called them trashman shoes. That was about or just before the boys in "dogtown" started riding pools........FLASH