Zap-a-Gap Storage

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
I've been using Zap-a-Gap for connecting eyes and foam pieces to hooks with thread wraps. But transporting or storing the stuff safely has been a problem. I found out last winter that if I carefully set a bottle upright and drive up to the pass, sometimes the pressure change will pop the top and the stuff is capable of eating through a zip lock and making a big mess. If I put it in some kind of can, then the can lid gets glued on if there's a leak.

I discovered that there is a Super glue dissolver, available at Fred Meyer, that helps clean up the hardened glue. But I'm looking for new ideas from this auspicious body.
i cut the tip off the bottle so it is like a bottle of visine, snap the little cap on then put the lid with the applicator still on there cause its useless and throw it in a zip lock bag. never have had a problem with it leaking, make sure excess glue is away from the hole so the cap fits nice and snug. later Ben