Zen-like fishing experience.

That looks like the lower fly fishing only section of the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. Am I right?

As bad as that looks, on a good day almost everyone in the picture will catch multiple kings, albeit very dark and full of PCB's.

John Hicks

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Dave you are right, and yes the multiple kings thing is right as well as a steelhead and a 5-12lb brown as well. The fishing sucks but the catching is incredible
Before Mt. St. Helen errupted, and friend and I went to the Green river, tributary to the Toutle, hoping to find some steelies. What we found instead came to be known as "The Great Green River Salmon Rat-F**k". About a hundred "fly" anglers, with yarn dressed treble hooks, were crowded along a half mile stretch below the barrier dam, making delicate presentations (snicker) to the thousands of chinooks jammed in the river. We watched in half amusement, half disgust for about 30 minutes, then left for more promising, and less crowded, waters. Next week we read in the Longview paper that 20 "fly" fisherman on the Green had been arrested by fish & wildlife agents!! Your photo brought back the memory! David


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Looks like the two clowns I encountered on the Yakima this past Sunday would like fishing there. Miles of river to fish, no other folks within site of where I'm fishing and they decide they need to fish the same run as I'm fishing? :confused:
I don't get it, even if it was the only river around to fish. If fishing came down to deciding between fishing in that cluster f**k or to quit fishing, I know what I'd choose.


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I thank God that I live in eastern Washington where the catching sucks, but the fishing is okay. I should post some pictures of Hawk Creek. Too bad I don't have a digital camera.

Bob Triggs

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And to think that people pay fifteen dollars a day for access to some of that river...I did. I even bought season passes. The runs are rediculously huge. I cought more kings on a fly there in two weeks than I did in an entire season in Alaska. I fell in the water there once and opened my eyes underwater for a few seconds of terror as I found I was surrounded by hundreds of huge hook jawed chrome Kings. They can actually crash into your legs at times. Homeric.