Zihuatanejo 1/22-26 anyone?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by TimHa, Dec 2, 2005.

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    My last big saltwater challenge is to get a billfish so I'm heading out in January to Zihuatanejo in search of one. I've got a trip totally lined up and am planning on going it alone unless I can find someone who wants to go along. My usual fishing travel buddie is going to be off in Argentina during that time and the other ones I've hit up are either too busy or just not interested. Here's the deal:

    Leave Seattle January 22nd, arrive at Zihuatanejo
    Stay at Hotel Irma in Zihuatanejo
    Fish Jan 23-25 with Ed Kunze from Baja on the Fly from a small cruiser
    Return the evening of January 26th to Seattle

    The fishing and hotel portions come up to $1500 so splitting would be $750 per person. If we wanted seperate rooms the cost would go up by $160. Meals, taxis, tips, etc.. are on top of that but food is pretty cheap in Mexico. Airfare is about $650 round trip if you fly in the back of the plane, $1000 first class on Alaska via LA. Total cost would be under $2k per person even going first class which is a bargain for sailfish trips.

    You'll need a valid passport to get in and out of Mexico and a 12-14 weight outfit for fishing. I'm bringing along a 10 also in case some dorado are teased up. Hablo bastante espanol para el viaje.

    Let me know if you are interested. It would be good to make sure we wouldn't want to kill each other if we go on the trip together so maybe getting together to have a cerveza :beer1: would be a good idea.

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    Yes, of course that makes perfect sense- far better that you should kill each other over a Cerveza here at home, than during an expensive long range Billfish trip!:hmmm:

    Sounds like agreat opportunity for someone with the time and bucks. I wish I could go.

    Cant wait to see the report!