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    Foam Cricket tied by Andrew Krzysiek

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    1. Ron Eagle Elk

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      Date: 3-4-05
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    Awesome I will take a dozen.
    jesse clark
    #1 3-4-05 4:12pm

    Ron Eagle Elk
    Andrew, I'd like to see the recipe for this one please. Nice job.
    #2 3-4-05 8:00pm


    -#14 bent shank hook (I believe Tiemco 1730 or 1720)
    -wrap shank of hook with green under body, not sure what the material is called, but it comes on a thread spool, and looks like twisted strands of flashaboo.
    -cut 1" X 1/8" black foam, cut a 'v' point on both ends. fasten one end down (let extend over hook bend by 1/8") with a few tight wraps.
    -place two biots (I used brown) over your wraps holding the foam, spread apart and give it a few more wraps, trim excess off and fold foam over. Let the upper 'leg' of foam overhang the lower.
    -continue wrapping the foam together forming segments until you get to the bend in the hook, at this point completely wrap the foam down tight to form a 'bed' for the turkey wing.
    -coat a turkey wing quill with head cement, cut a 1/4" section off quill, cut a 'v' point at end. Brush head cement on top of the foam, place turkey wing segment on top and tie down (you can also use super glue, just make sure it does not eat the foam first!)
    -cut two black hen hackles for legs, use the fuzzy side of the feather NOT the barb side. Cut the feathers down to 1", cut a taper from stem to 1/8". Tie onto shank, rougly 3/16 back from eye.
    -Cut a 1/4" clump of black deer hair, with tips pointing in the direction of the eye, center the clump over shank (have the bobin nearest the eye) and make a few wraps to hold hair. work the thread back, roughly a 1/16", spread the hairs evenly around shank, fold over and tie down.
    -Antena, grab two equal hairs and fold back over, make a few securing wraps and whip finish.
    -Trim deer hair, be careful not to cut antena, if so just simply tie on another pair.
    -Lastly coat legs with head cement, heat a pair of tweezers, and kink legs to desired shape.

    Total tie time 20-25 minutes.
    #3 3-4-05 10:53pm

    Andrew - this fly was very well done - nice work.

    #4 3-10-05 12:05am

    Chris Scoones
    #5 3-21-05 9:38pm

    Looks almost real. Good job.
    #6 5-30-05 1:13pm

    Mann thats a great looking fly. How does it fish? Looks like you should do a youtube video Wink
    #7 2-5-12 1:28am

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