Steelhead Stomach Contents


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    Steelhead Stomach Contents

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    Steelhead Stomach Contents

    The contents of yesterdays steel. Strangly enough neither of the fish caught today had anything in them, but they were in a different section of the river. There were 4 eggs in one fish and about 100 free-living caddis (Hydropsyche) in one stomach, and about 200 Hydropsyche in the other.

    steel_eggs.jpg Lone_Lake_Fly_022506.jpg steeliestomach.jpg crayfishchillin.jpg Trico_hatch.JPG
    1. Zen Piscator

      Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
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      Date: 1-9-06
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    Steelie Mike
    Yummy! I have found the insects and eggs in fish on the West side too. Whether it is by instinct or because they are hungry, they will take nymphs. Sorry about that purists!
    #1 1-9-06 2:40am


    Cool series of shots.
    #2 1-9-06 3:01am

    Nice presentation; good use of color; good choice of dinnerware...I give it an 8.5 It's making me hungry Nah!
    #3 1-9-06 4:12am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Ahhha chromer, despite my efforts, you still toss in the rugged in every post. It kills me Wink
    #4 1-9-06 5:39am

    notice how perfectly preserved they a normal fish stomach those things would last only a matter of hours before they would be mush...they will eat but they wont get any nourishment because the digestive system is shut down. Thanks for the very cool pics zen.
    #5 1-9-06 6:33am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Right you are Tom, proves the fish can't metabolize but still feed. Does a steelheads digestive system turn back on after they are finished spawning? I have heard great lakes fish go on a feeding binge and they are swiming back out to the lakes when they are fished spawning...wonder if that applies to the west coast
    #6 1-9-06 6:44am

    well in most systems, the majority of the fish die after spawning. There is however a variable percentage of repeat spawners. They tend to be mostly females. These fish will chrome up very quickly after spawning, and begin feeding voraciously soon after. Most of this feeding will take place in the salt though where food is available in much greater quantities.
    #7 1-9-06 7:06am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    I dont think hardly any fish make it back a secound time through all those dams, must most get chopped up on the way down, but the theory makes since.
    #8 1-9-06 7:14am

    good observation zen...i doubt the percent of repeat spawners is very high on the upper columbia
    #9 1-9-06 7:07pm

    The eggs, do you think that they are from someone fishing upstream, or do you think that they are steelhead spawn?
    #10 1-10-06 1:30am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Corey, all eggs were single and larger than the eggs one would find in a spawn sack. And, i don't think many people fish single eggs for steelies. They were also all intact fully, but i broke some of them on removal. I think the eggs were from hens that were more mature than those i caught dropping eggs, although it could be someone fishing.
    #11 1-10-06 2:18am

    Yeah outmigration numbers are under 1% for snake and columbia fish. Pretty whack. Maybe someday we can get some wind power and Take those antiquated things down.
    #12 1-13-06 2:34am


    Thats a nice dinner you got their zen.. That muddish colored food to the left looks tasty would you mind sharing some us?... :D
    #13 1-28-06 12:57am

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