whole lotta bull nov/05


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    whole lotta bull  nov/05

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    whole lotta bull nov/05

    rob.z w/ a 28 in. bull trout

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    1. bhudda

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      Date: 11-24-05
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    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Wow...nice fish rob!
    #1 11-24-05 10:13pm


    AKA Joe Willauer
    Noice! Just getin er done!
    #2 11-25-05 12:12am


    YES, Thats what ive been waiting for. great JOB!
    #3 11-25-05 1:35am


    Did you take a bite out of it's fin? Smile Nice fish man, those guys get so beat up in the rivers.
    #4 11-25-05 4:57am

    That stretch is gettin pretty pimped these days...
    #5 11-25-05 7:01am

    Rob Zelk

    I swing, therefore i am.
    My first time ever fishing this particular area. This strech may be gettin pimped, but I have to say if this strech is getting pimped, than what strechs of any of the rivers around here aren't? From the drive, it seemed like this place was farther off the beaten path than most; I figured/ hoped there weren't any pimps pimpin' this strech, I guess I was wrong. Its freakin' hard to find untouched water these days, anywhere. It's too bad. Time to move to... Hmm... Canada? Although, I'd bet its almost as bad.
    #6 11-25-05 7:27am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Come out to the east side. We have corners you can work without any drug lords bustin' a cap on yo ass fo workin' their corner. There are also more customers if you know where to look.

    No hit on you Nailknot, just speaking about the general pressure of things. I can't imagine how hard it is to find a spot on the westside that is rather unknown. I wounder how long the east will stay like it is now. Steelhead spots are already out in the open, There are a few spots in NE OR for bulls and SE WA for rainbows that are hike in that I havn't seen anyone at, but every spot u can drive to seems like it gets hit a fair amount. If every good run on the GR has someone fishing it, what do the "S" rivers look like!
    #7 11-25-05 8:04am


    Workin in a sweet mullet
    Rob's badass bull measured 29" x 14" Wink I have had a tape measure on my pack for years, and this was the first fish that was worthy of getting taped (or my dumbass forgot all the other times)
    #8 11-28-05 6:05pm


    Now that's a BIG bull..Nice work Rob

    Is this the same bull that punked us all.... well all but you? $hit I knew it was long but it's meaty....Nice
    #9 11-29-05 1:21am


    AKA Joe Willauer
    whoa now, whats wrong with pimpin? dont hate the player hate the game!
    #10 11-29-05 1:56am


    Brian Perry
    Is that the "Steelhead" we thought we saw?.. .Good stuff sticking that pig Bull. I wish I could have stayed longer...
    #11 12-7-05 7:21am

    Not 29, not even close.
    #12 12-7-05 8:45am


    nailknot im dissappointed, sorry to poopoo your post but myself and 3 others saw this fish . i hooked this same fish for a BREIF second and lost him:( we rested the pool for atleast an hour and a half, came back and RobZ tagged him and landed him. 3 pairs of eyes read that tape for what it was 28/29 inches bro. look at him man , arms are straight down from his shoulders with fish stickin' out both ends, come on we'll let you use the pic for the Matadors:) nice TWENTY EIGHT INCH FISH ROB!
    #13 12-7-05 9:56am

    Ok maybe 29. Wink
    #14 12-9-05 5:05pm


    right on nailknot! i knew you'd come around:)j/k
    your good people!
    #15 12-10-05 8:04am


    Workin in a sweet mullet
    OK the tape measured just over 28" and about 13.5", so we bumped it up for gloating purposes.
    #16 2-11-06 3:21pm


    Proud to Be Alaskan
    that thing looks like a snake
    #17 10-24-07 7:18pm

    Son of a fish!!!
    #18 7-31-08 6:55am

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