Day one carnaige


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    Day one carnaige

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    Day one carnaige

    Ed showing a few hatchery steelies hwo the boss is.

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    1. COREY S

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      Date: 8-30-06
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    thanks but no thanks...I am not a fan of pictures of dead stuff
    #1 8-30-06 2:06am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    They are hatchery fish
    #2 8-30-06 2:16am


    Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
    Nice work and enjoy your meal. Nothing wrong with bonking hatchery fish.
    #3 8-30-06 2:31am

    and there's nothin wrong with leavin the guts at the boat ramp? dunno...seems like this photo belongs somewhere else
    #4 8-30-06 2:41am

    Ed D
    Is leaving guts at the boat ramp illegal? If not, are you doing anything to change it?
    #5 8-30-06 2:56am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Leaving guts at the boat ramp is something that is encouraged in Southwest Washington. They are 100% Biodegradable and enrich the systems which they are placed it by adding huge amounts of food for the smolts to prey upon. Can you imagine how much food an egg skien provides for baby fish? The wild ones need every scrap of help they can get. I would encourage you to do the same.
    #6 8-30-06 3:01am

    illegal...who gives a s**t about illegal. It's disgusting. Are you telling me you don't mind finding fish guts laying around your favorite river? If so, have another bud, dude, and don't worry about your cigarette butts - just chuck em in the water...they oughta disintegrate in about ten years.
    And what am I doing about it? I'm saying something about it.
    #7 8-30-06 3:08am

    Ed D
    "Are you telling me you don't mind finding fish guts laying around your favorite river?"
    That's exactly what I'm saying. My favorite rivers stink from dead carcasses.
    All the sudden I throw cigarettes butts in the water? Send me a pm if you want to discuss this any further.

    #8 8-30-06 3:19am

    I think that any part of a fish that is not going to be eaten should be put back in the water even if it seem like the wrong thing or looks dirty. The remains of thousands of salmon is what fertilizes and directly feeds others. There are programs that after the hatcheries have used the only viable part of the fish they take all the corpses up to the head of the river and dump them in the water. This causes the nutrience to go back where they are dearly needed. As far as showing a few fish that will feed my friends and family sorry johnnyb. The butts comment is not cool.
    #9 8-30-06 3:27am

    ...smolts "preying" on fish guts...MAN,now that's the stuff a great fly fishing website is made of!!!
    you guys are great
    #10 8-30-06 3:29am

    Jeff Hale


    your response has no substance with respect to providing evidence to support your claim that it is bad form or poor for the environment to leave hatchery fish guts in the river. In Oregon, it is illegal to throw guts or carcasses in the water, but it is legal and encouraged to throw the fish entrails "above the high water mark". This subject has been a topic of debate for many. Some say dogs can get fish poisoning, but how does throwing the carcasses above high water stop that? It would only help if the guts were out of reach of any animals.

    Most studies show that the river systems benefit from the decaying carcasses. But, I have heard that too many carcasses can cause oxygen depletion. For example, when the Natives at Hoodsport were throwing all the Chum carcasses from the nets back into the water. They only kept the eggs at one point (I should mention that this issue has reportedly been resolved). The huge amount of hatchery raised Chums overloaded the "natural" capacity for that part of Hood Canal and resulted in high bacteria which consume oxygen and left the Canal even more oxygen depleted that it already was. I have yet to hear of a river in which this was the case. Rivers move, most are cold, and naturally have more oxygen.

    Do you find fish guts disturbing to look at? Do you ever eat fish? What do you do with the entrails from the fish you catch and eat; throw them in the bushes or put them in a platic bag and then in the garbage can to go to the landfill? What do you propose as a better solution? Would it be okay in your opinion if the guts were thrown "into" the river or "out" into the bushes, out of plain sight? In addition, what makes you think Ed smokes and drinks Budweiser just because he cleaned a fish at a boat ramp? Don't be a knucklehead. Make your claims but back them up with reason not silly attacks on someone's character. Besides, everyone knows Ed prefers "Busch Light". Duh! :P

    In the Spirit of Zen's usual final words: "PEACE. Be cool my brutha from another mutha. Word...and some other stuff like that."
    #11 8-30-06 4:04am

    Steelie Mike
    Sorry to beat the horse till it is dead but streamside gutting is good for the environment.Dead salmon and steelhead carcasses contribute to both the streamside and aquatic ecosystems. The dead fish provide food for the streamside vegetation that helps to keep the river temperature down and prevent erosion. The carcasses also provide food for bears and other mammals, juvenile salmonids, birds and invertebrates. At this point you can apply the local food chain and see who eats what. So yes streamside gutting is good. It is natures way of recycling.
    #12 8-30-06 9:03am

    Jason Baker
    Gut johnnyb by the ramp ;-)
    #13 8-30-06 2:01pm


    Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
    Johnny B,
    Are you familiar with the term "Salmon Fling". It is an event that goes on in a number of local rivers each year. Salmon that are spawned at state hatcheries are recycled back to the rivers.
    Volunteers use pitch forks to fling the dead fish into the rivers. The dead fish, guts and all produce nutrients throught the river system.
    If the site of guts in the river, be it at the launch or elsewhere turns you off, you shouldn't fish rivers with large populations of havestable hatchery fish. It is a fact of life on rivers such as the Cowlitz, Bogie etc. It also isn't illegal to discard the guts in a river in Washington state.
    Good fishing,
    #14 8-30-06 3:39pm

    Desmond Wiles

    Sir Castaline
    .....speaking of PETA.... Wink
    #15 8-30-06 3:53pm


    Nice work dudes, wish I was there.
    #16 8-30-06 5:33pm

    i can't believe that he is gutting his fish while wearing you have any idea what fish entrails and blood do to waders?!?!?!?!?! disgusting......
    #17 8-30-06 7:37pm

    when I was in Alaska, we were required by law to return carcasses....carcai...whatever, back into the river. While it might be unpleasant to some, it is beneficial.
    #18 8-30-06 7:47pm

    It seems like more than coincidence that 51,000 lbs of dead salmon was dumped in the Sammamish River yesterday...I hope you guys all have alibis!
    #20 8-31-06 1:06pm

    Jason Baker
    Johnnyb doesn't give up easily.....

    Here's a nice PM I got from him last night:

    Member Join Date: Jan 2005
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    now I remember


    jeez, I am almost forgot about Jason Baker, the dude who launched all those idiotic posts about a year ago...thought you grew up, or at least wised up...guess not.

    Persistence is a great trait. Keep it up Johnny!!!!

    Moderators: I am deeply hurt by this personal attack, please remind johnnyb of our "be nice to each other" policy...
    #21 8-31-06 1:46pm
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