Rubber Bandit Worm InnerTube edition


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    Rubber Bandit Worm InnerTube edition

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    Rubber Bandit Worm InnerTube edition

    Rubber Bandit Worm
    Cut strips from a bicycle inner tube used instead of rubber bands. A bit of foam glued to the tail end gives that enticing tail up diving wiggle action. The evolution of a bass worm continues...

    Definately_Smaller_2.JPG InnnerTubeBanditWorm.jpg InnnerTubeBanditWorm.jpg StoneBandit2.jpg RedBandit.jpg
    1. Brad Niemeyer

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      Date: 4-24-09
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    Cool flies. In brown or olive would crush some brownies too I bet.
    #1 4-24-09 6:57pm

    Dan Soltau
    those look sweet, although i cant see having enough sensitivy with a fly rod to slow down the presentation enough and still be able to sense a strike. the strikes are so subtle, often times you actually feel the lack of tension on the line when the bass inhales it off the bottom rather than a pull as the worm hasnt actually been pulled only lifted. those are really sweet flies though, i bet you could really take to some bass with that baby texas or carolina rigged.
    #2 4-24-09 7:32pm

    Brad Niemeyer

    Old School Member
    Ohh I can sense a strike alright. Sinking line, point the rod tip at the fly then hop it along the bottom very s-l-o-w-l-y...check my bass pics to see how effective this method is...
    #3 4-24-09 8:06pm


    Smallie killin machine! Im going to have to copy a few of those for the coming months.
    #4 4-24-09 10:02pm

    Brad Niemeyer

    Old School Member
    I wish I could figure out the smallie thing, so far my luck has been only with largemouth...deeper water near docks?
    #5 4-24-09 10:24pm


    Fish Addict
    Deeper water near humps and rockpiles
    #6 4-25-09 12:45am

    Kevin J. Burnham
    Easy, Those will not work at all !! Not Bassy enough and amateurish !!
    Easy, I'm willing to give them a try though and test them next W/E. Please send a dozen ASAP to Kevin Burnham, Auburn, Wa. I know the mailman and he will get them in the right hands !!!
    #7 4-25-09 1:33am

    Dan Soltau
    i am not sayin they wont work because it is clear they do in fact catch big bass. in fact those are some the sweetest flies i have seen in a good while.
    but i have spent a lot of time on both the baitcasting end as well as the fly end. I can tell you at a slow presentation in water over 10 feet a fly rodder is at a disadvantage. you can also check my gallery for some jumbo largemouth! haha, man those flies are sweet!
    #8 4-25-09 2:30am

    Peter Pancho
    now we need some pics with the flies actually in the fishs mouth. I can see a steelhead hitting that fly as well.
    #9 4-25-09 6:26am

    Jason Decker
    cool bug, you might want to use a trailer hook with a long tail like that, you might miss a few strikes.
    #10 4-25-09 4:08pm

    Brad Niemeyer

    Old School Member
    Dan- I don't know if the flyrod is at a disadvantage, I think its more that flyfishers have not come up with methods that work as well. I started off stripping streamers but only caught small bass. When I slowed down and switched to hopping crayfish and long leeches my catch rate improved as did the size. I may be missing takes, but I out fished some baitcasters on my favorite lake a while back. IMO Its way too easy to reel it fast back to the boat with a baitcast setup...Anyway I'm a flyfisherman so that's how I get 'em!
    #11 4-25-09 6:35pm

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