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    A couple steelhead

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    A couple steelhead


    1. Riffling Hitch

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      Registered: January 2006
      Location: Sacramento, Ca
      Posts: 125
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      Date: 1-28-06
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  1. mike doughty

    Honorary Member
    Holy crap! what a sight
    #1 1-28-06 8:34pm

    Tom Merrill
    I still wouldn't be able to hook one!
    #2 1-28-06 9:08pm


    Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
    Just a couple of them.
    #3 1-28-06 10:00pm

    Big Tuna

    Amazing! Where's it at? Don't need to share the name of the body of water, just curious if that's Alaska or where.
    #4 1-29-06 12:17am

    Steelie Mike
    WTF! I have seen salmon like that, but never steelies. Geez!
    #5 1-29-06 2:13am

    Trout Run, PA ?????
    #6 1-29-06 2:46am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Ya, thats called great lakes artificail propogation. Not bad, just different. Sweet pic.
    #7 1-29-06 6:20am

    Riffling Hitch
    Yes, Trout Run PA. Waiting for a little rain to make it up into the creek. Its definatly different from out west and the first day I showed up with my spey rod which was as long as the creek was wide. The good of this fishery is that I did not mind eating the catch.
    #8 1-29-06 7:44am


    Be the guide...
    "The good of this fishery is that I did not mind eating the catch. "

    I thought all the GL fish were heavily poisoned? I guess if you only eat a few per month then it isn't that bad??

    We should start a rumor that all WA salmonsteelheadtrout were poisoned too. And the only edible fish were pike minnows and carp... Could work Wink
    #9 1-29-06 4:41pm

    Riffling Hitch
    The booze will kill me first.

    "We should start a rumor that all WA salmonsteelheadtrout were poisoned too. And the only edible fish were pike minnows and carp... Could work"

    You should look at the toxin data for the puget sound especially the kings and pcb levels found in them. It's not a rumor.
    #10 1-29-06 8:14pm


    Be the guide...
    Apples and oranges really. Most salmonsteelhead in WA are migratory and spend a relatively short time in the Puget Sound. Yes, they do have pcb issues, but compared to what I've read about the Great Lakes - apples and oranges. But my comments weren't meant to be a put down on the GL fish. Just an honest question followed by a silly suggestion that might slow down the consumption of our great salmonsteelhead resources...
    #11 1-31-06 6:09pm

    Riffling Hitch
    chadk, I grew up and lived in Washington fishing salmon and steelhead all of my life except the last three years I have spent living in the DC area. I just recently started fishing these fish in PA for a reminder of home and because I just have not been able to get into the bass and pearch thing. I do not know a lot about the pollutants present in the great lakes but the fish consumption advisories for these fish relate to bioaccumulated toxins such as pcb's and heavy metals. These fish also migrate like the salmon and steelhead of the west and it is not the amount of time spent in the lake or puget sound that is responsible for the high bioaccumulation of toxins. The toxins are taken up through the food chain and concentrate in the larger predators, Chinook and then eagles, Orcas or possibly humans, that show the high levels.
    The purpose of my comment was to sort of state that it is not apples and oranges and my short time spent out here has shown me how really important the good stewardship of our resources is. I know that the fly fishing comunity as a whole is pretty good so I will get off of my soapbox now.
    If I am wrong with any of my facts please feel free to correct me.
    #12 1-31-06 10:59pm

    Riffling Hitch
    #13 1-31-06 11:31pm

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