20lb rainbow second one ever 2005

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    20lb rainbow second one ever 2005

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    20lb rainbow second one ever 2005

    kenai rainbow 33.5 by 21 inch big dog

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    1. World Wide Angler

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      Registered: March 2006
      Location: Anchorage alaska
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      Date: 3-8-06
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    When are you going to post the your best trout session ever.
    #1 3-8-06 11:00pm


    Ryan Haseman
    kinda looks like its smiling.
    #2 3-8-06 11:05pm

    mike doughty

    Honorary Member
    How come you alaska boyz don't post pictures of big fish?Smile!
    #3 3-8-06 11:43pm


    cuz they dont fish with D-ray:)
    #4 3-9-06 12:08am

    DRAY like to spend alot of time in southeast alaska chasing steelie, we think it cheaper to stay near anchorage. The fish aren't bad for a 2 hour drive.
    #5 3-9-06 12:46am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    We like 45 inch steelhead more than 50 pictures of identical rainbows that have all been caught 30 times by the looks of their jaws.
    #6 3-9-06 1:23am

    World Wide Angler

    our fish have to eat and some mess up there bottom jaw that way if you think people can catch a 20lb rainbow 30 times thats sizre of a fish would be no big deal. but it has no been caught often at all or it would not get that big. i can tell you that you have not see a rainbow that big just like the vast majority of the people that live in alaska ask around bet you wont find anybody that got one that big with pics to prove it no less two of them. and by the way i am not a guide just to let you know so back off just thought people would like to see some big rainbows from alaska
    #7 3-9-06 1:44am


    aka Justin
    I like to see them. Nice fish!
    #8 3-9-06 1:48am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Dude i have caught bows that big...just not wild and from lakes. Its still a nice fish, but dont be rippin on d-ray and expect nothing back.
    #9 3-9-06 2:05am

    World Wide Angler

    what have i said about d-ray, nothing. you might want to look at his web site you might see my on it im good friends with him
    #10 3-9-06 2:12am

    mike doughty

    Honorary Member
    WWA, you said nothing bad about D-Ray. again sweet fish
    #11 3-9-06 2:33am

    I said something about D Ray and it wasn't bad. I fish next to the Dan during rainbow season.
    Zen if that fish was caught 30 times his fins would be ripped. And unlike you guys in Washington with big lake rainbows our lake bows don't get that big. So for us a river fish that big is a huge deal.
    #12 3-9-06 2:35am

    World Wide Angler

    zen by the way your pics look you have caught one that big. ha its about your bed time now since you have to school in the morning
    #13 3-9-06 2:50am

    zen...don't try to turn this into a gang website...its about fishing, leave the crips out of it dogg.
    #14 3-9-06 3:42am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    sorry beechez, im outta school for the 4 day weekend, off to the OP.
    #15 3-9-06 3:46am

    I think we in fo a 187...or something
    #16 3-9-06 3:48am

    Zen I would like to see some of your 34 plus lake bows posted. You most be a trout god or did you put them on a stick and feed them to your peeps?
    #17 3-9-06 5:31pm


    Awesome fish pics.

    Why did this turn into a pissing match? Unbelievable..... Ya, I'm too 2 late with this post but can't believe someone would bash some of these pics being posted. Zen, don't let your ego get in the way of your passion.
    #19 2-13-08 8:55pm

    Mark Bové

    Chasin tail
    That fish is not 20 pounds. Not even close. He will top out at 17 pounds.
    #20 3-20-08 2:56am

    World Wide Angler

    do the math 33.5 by 21.5
    comes to 19.9811
    #21 12-10-08 8:14pm
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