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    cedar football

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    cedar football

    19 incher this AM on the cedar. caught one bigger but the image is on my camera phone, i'll post a report later and upload the rest of the pics then....

    IMG_6619.JPG cedar_fish_7-20-2007.jpg cedar19fish.jpg cedar_cuttie.jpg bass_2.jpg
    1. Jason Decker

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      Date: 7-18-06
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    Dan Soltau
    dude, take it easy on the fish, their are in tough shape after a grip like that. Nice fish
    #1 7-18-06 9:16pm

    Jason Decker
    dude, this fish is A-OK, i landed it quickly on 2x and handled him carefully. thus it swam of like a bullet/fresh and perky... ok dude! don't be a nit picker
    #2 7-19-06 12:36am

    "don't be a nit pickin poser."

    I'm pretty sure that Dan would school ya if you two fished together...and he complimented your fish and you still got defensive, I mean wasn't there a pic in your gallery a while back with your SUV backed all the way into the Yak??? Don't be so pissy
    #3 7-19-06 12:54am

    Jason Decker
    no doubt he would kick my ass fishin. I know Dan is an unbelievable fly fisherman. He's on the USA JR. Team .......i apologize and i will remove the one word, but it's still nit pickin

    ...... all this nit pickin stuff on wff.com is stupid.
    #4 7-19-06 1:14am


    Be the guide...
    The fish is clearly very chubby. You can't really tell by the pick if the grip is tight or if the fat of the fish just sticks out. Like those fat chicks in hip huggers - you're gonna end up with some roll hanging out...
    #5 7-19-06 4:02pm


    Kung Fu Death Grip!
    #6 7-19-06 5:45pm

    what a bunch of arm chair pissants . After the last bunch of you crucified Jason for a fish picture, don't you think he would take all of your abuse to heart? I took that picture and Jason babied that fish. We even debated taking it out of the water or not, but we had to extract the fly, he was so fiesty. If you guys are so concerned about fish handling, I have a national magazine sitting right here where fully 50% of the fish are gripped around the middle - including in the TU article. Maybe you could expend your energy on a letter writing campaign instead of attacking one of your own?
    #7 7-19-06 11:05pm

    Itchy Dog

    Some call me Kirk Werner
    Yeah, I gotta agree- everybody needs to chill out and have more fun. Nice fish, Jason- thanks for sharing the photos.
    #8 7-20-06 4:50pm

    mike doughty

    Honorary Member
    That is a fat fish. face it jason, you are just a target for some.
    #9 7-20-06 5:13pm


    LOL, dude everyone of your pictures you are squeezing the living shit out of the trout.
    #10 7-20-06 6:09pm

    Desmond Wiles

    Sir Castaline
    Forget the fish, and forget who can school who! Why has no mentioned how nicely composed that picture is?
    #11 7-20-06 8:39pm

    Itchy Dog

    Some call me Kirk Werner
    That photo is very nicely composed.
    #12 7-21-06 5:30am

    Jason Decker
    itchy dog, desmond ... that credit goes to Windtickler... he took the pic.

    honestly, i am not putting any pressure on the fish. The net exagerates the grip and i also have very large hands, (i can palm a basketball)
    the net makes it easier to grip it without pressure and is protective of the fishs slime coat.
    #13 7-22-06 12:27am

    What kind of camera are you using?
    #14 7-28-06 5:37pm

    Jason Decker
    pentax wp
    #15 8-1-06 4:39pm


    B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again
    Like those fat chicks in hip huggers - you're gonna end up with some roll hanging out...

    That's called a "muffin top"

    That's a good looking fish Decker
    #16 6-7-07 8:37pm

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