Staring off 2007 good!!!


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    Staring off 2007 good!!!

    Staring off 2007 good!!!

    GR steelhead on home tied purple marabou

    rexsteel105.jpg P1070002.JPG P10100351.JPG scan00192.jpg buckly_chromer.jpg
    1. Eric Speer

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      Date: 1-1-07
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    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Very nice buck! I thought there were some ice flow issues currently, is this pic recent?
    #1 1-1-07 11:14pm

    Eric Speer
    Yea, just this morning. Not much ice at all up the lower end.
    #2 1-1-07 11:18pm

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Very cool man!
    #3 1-1-07 11:19pm

    Steelie Mike
    Awesome fish! You gotta love that river.
    #4 1-1-07 11:22pm


    Nice nate!
    #5 1-1-07 11:26pm

    the law is not an optional suggestion. keep nates in the water
    #6 1-2-07 2:00am

    Dan Soltau
    5-0! 5-0! Hide the ganja! JK Its probably a better idea to keep em in the water but I think we are all aware of the law
    #7 1-2-07 8:47am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Tom put a cork in it.
    #8 1-2-07 9:16am


    The Native Nazi's are on the prowl.
    #9 1-2-07 5:19pm

    If the guy had posted a picture of a dead nate bleeding from the gills you guys wouldnt be sitting around defending him. it isnt up to you to choose which laws you want to follow based on your own perception of their merit. But thanks for letting me know where your priorities are. Laws be guys obviously know better and are above them.

    Zen- Son, some day you will have the maturity to refrain from such emetic outbursts. For now, keep in mind the external incentives. After all, such language could result in a trip to the principal's office or a missed recess. We wouldn't want that now would we?
    #10 1-2-07 5:44pm

    Eric Speer
    This beautiful buck was handled with the upmost care. It was kept in the water and raised up seconds before the click, which is a lot better handling and care than most of the bank fishers and boaters that drag'em up no matter what they are. Further, I treat the clip's(hatchery) with the same honor and respect as I do a nate, unless I intend to keep it. If I did it any other way, my old man would have my a$$.
    #11 1-2-07 9:24pm

    East Fork
    "it isnt up to you to choose which laws you want to follow based on your own perception of their merit"

    Actually, it is up to us to choose which laws we want to follow. Bureaucrats and legislators in Olympia don’t determine what’s moral or not. That said, if you exceed the speed limit, you better be prepared to pay the ticket.

    Nice picture and nice fish.
    #12 1-2-07 11:05pm

    Steelie Mike
    Once again Tom's got to lay down the lecture. Thank whatever God you pray to that we have him. If not we would never know what was right or wrong. I realise you are in school and still on that long road to the middle, but you need to tone down the BS. The brother just wanted to show us some success and you had to jump up his ass. The fish was still dripping of water and was obviously out of the water for a few seconds. Get a life son.

    Again nice fish Speerman!
    #13 1-2-07 11:48pm

    Tom, don't mess with the WFF good ol' boys club. He's right though, isn't he? the fish stays in the water! Nice fish guy.
    #14 1-3-07 12:22am


    Calvin Fuller
    I see a direct connection via H2o between the fish and the river, some laws are made to be broken, some aren't.

    Nice Fish!
    #15 1-3-07 2:04am

    "Thank whatever God you pray to that we have him."

    Fortunately I don't believe in any gods, meaning I don't have to thank anything for having him around. In fact, I feel quite the opposite...

    "Get a life son."

    Now THAT'S something I agree with! Smile

    Nice fish, Speerman! Keep it up!
    #16 1-3-07 4:05am


    Sculpin are gross.
    Very nice fish!

    Tom - Think about the goal of the law.. Is the treatment of this fish in that spirit? Absolutely.
    #17 1-3-07 7:55am


    aka T Colagrossi
    Nice fish Speer! least you got some defense for pulling your nate out of the water for a trophy shot....guess I need some more buddies.
    #18 1-3-07 6:40pm

    East Fork
    Hey Clackaman, one can never have too much defense against the net nannys Smile !
    #19 1-5-07 6:46pm

    Looks to me like this young man took all the right steps to insure that this wild fish spreads his genes... I mean no gloves, kneeling in the water..I know that water is cold!!
    Nice fish..nice picture...
    #20 1-11-07 7:17pm
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