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    BFig GuckBuc

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    BFig GuckBuc

    I know, it's out of the water, but only a couple of seconds. Go ahead start the flame.


    1. hedburner

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      Registered: February 2003
      Location: Mount Vernon, we're the Sketch in the heart of Ska
      Posts: 881
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      Date: 2-4-07
      Views: 931

  1. Big Tuna

    Beautiful fish. Congrats!
    #1 2-4-07 10:49pm

    HOLY S**T MAN!!! SOOOO NICE! Even if it isn't a SRC! Smile
    #2 2-4-07 11:37pm


    AKA Joe Willauer
    #3 2-5-07 12:47am

    Brent Comer
    Good lookin' fish!
    #4 2-5-07 2:15am

    Jason Decker
    i love the hat! Rainier Beer Rules!
    #5 2-5-07 5:15am

    Kevin J. Burnham
    Start the flame my ass !! Thats a great photo brother !! Right on !!
    #6 2-5-07 5:38am

    flame on, as in BIC, rockin
    #7 2-5-07 5:46am

    mike doughty

    Honorary Member
    great fish! i look at this pic and u remind me of some of my dads friends and i think hempburner not hedburner. i hope you are not offended
    #8 2-5-07 7:10am


    Awesome, that deserves a couple bottles of apple pie. Smile
    #9 2-5-07 7:35pm

    James Mello

    Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
    Just think, last year, we both didn't have shit to our names! Now you're PIMP!
    #10 2-5-07 8:21pm

    That was the first time I've ever tried a nymphing technique while fishing for steelhead. The day before I was fishing the same river and at the parking lot there was a gear fishing guy who was just rigging up and getting ready to hit it. I noticed he was rigged up to fish with a float and a pink plastic worm, and my worst fear was following behind him while he hooked everything. (Float fishing for steelhead is damn effective way to fish down there and I've seen a lot of fish caught that way) He said he was just going to fish along the bend, so that was okay with me because I wanted to fish the run below where've I've hooked fish last year. Anyway I was fishing and swinging marabou flies down below, and I here him let out a whooop, a few minutes later another whoop from him. I wasn't getting crap, except the usual, sticks and tree branches. I was curious and went up to see what he was catching.
    He said he had caught and released about a 6 lb native buck, and after a couple of more casts in the same spot hooked up and released a somewhat larger hen. So I started asking questions about how he was set up rigging and lures and such. And watched how he fished. I think we must have bs'd for about an hour about steelhead, he asked how I did on flygear and how I fished em'. Some time during this conversation deep inside my cranium where only the still working brain cells reside a light bulb lit up and I decided that float and pink worm fishing is just like nymphing! He also told me where the fish lie in the run, and some other secrets that he had. So I went home changed the tip on my line from the sinking one to the floating one set up so I could put a lil corkie on for an indicator, figured about 6 feet of leader would do it, to compensate for any bow in the leader from the river flow. Now to tie up some pink bunny worms, which James called pink titty tassels. No more crosscut bunny, I had a dozen of em tied up before wednesday last week but lost all of em on trees and logs the first two days of fishing. ( I took three days off from work last week just to fish, it was the first time in about 2 months that that river has dropped into good wading level) So the only thing I had was some pink zonker strips and not much of that but I was able to get 4 flies tied. I just put a stinger hook on using some fire wire line and a Owner bait hook let the end of the zonker strip hang about three inches, and palmered the rest on a #2 siwash hook with a dumbell lead thing on it. Put a little pink estaz over the dumbell so it looked pretty and called it good. Next morning got up early, but didn't make it there till around 11:30. Got out walked down and started casting. Watched my little corkie mended when needed and ended up with being hooked up on a log.Lost that set up put everything back on, and noticed a couple of gear guys coming down, I wanted to try the drift one more time, so made a couple of more casts, watched my corkie and the damn thing disapears, fast not like it did when I hooked up with the log. Set the hook with a downstream snap, like the article on nymphing that Zen wrote. What the hell fish on! This was so cool, I thought, only been here about 15 minutes and I hooked up already. I pulled out my camera and was thinking about taking a picture, and then I reallized that wasn't going to a good idea especially since he came up and I saw that it was a preety good sized fish. But the two other guys watching me one of them volunteered to be cameraman. So I got my first steelhead using a nymphing set up, and some good pictures.
    #11 2-6-07 3:22am

    James Mello

    Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
    We need to hit it soon Smile PM me man!
    #12 2-6-07 8:12pm

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Crazy man...what a fattie. Toobad it wasnt caught with a dry, don't count.... :D :D
    #13 3-24-07 6:54am

    Leroy Laviolet

    Aint no nookie like chinookie
    Great fish, great photo, very cool !!
    #14 5-16-10 3:43pm

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