Beautiful wild hen


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    Beautiful wild hen

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    Beautiful wild hen

    Crazy fight...

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    1. Zen Piscator

      Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
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      Date: 3-20-07
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    nothin like harrassing an ESA-listed species right as she is getting ready to spawn.
    #1 3-20-07 4:05pm

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    These fish wount spawn for another 3.5 months...Thats longer than the winters everyone is fishing for on the wet side right now....
    #2 3-20-07 5:01pm

    According to SASI (WDFW salmonid stock inventory)
    Walla Walla wild summer-run spawn timing: feb-may
    Touchet wild summer-run spawn timing: feb-may
    Tuccannon wild summer-run spawn timing: feb-may
    Asotin Creek wild summer-run spawn timing: feb-may

    These are some of the places I have seen you mention...I don't know of a single summer-run population anywhere in washington that spawns in June or July, which is 3.5 months from seems unlikely from a biological standpoint that oregon or idaho streams similar to those I listed would be significantly different in their spawn timing.....where did you get your info on spawn timing Zen
    #3 3-20-07 5:45pm

    I'm sure you guys never harrased a spawning fish before..mmmhmm. geez Let the kid fish. Go yell at a gillnetter or persainer raping our ocean and sound. The harrassing is in the Pacific Ocean. That's why they are on the ESA list. Not cause of Zen Piscators fly fishing eastside. Duh
    #4 3-20-07 5:59pm

    Steelie Mike
    It is funny, I witnessed Andy take on a guy twice his size discussing the topic of fishing redds while in the back country. I have also seen him go balistic on snaggers on the Kalama in the Fall. Then there was that time Andy got that guy arrested for driving his jeep up and down one of those listed rivers.

    You guys are picking a pretty small battle here. If you want to make a change then get the hatcheries to stop releasing hatchery fish that return to their native streams this time of the year. Andy by far is not the only person fishing those rivers and his tactics are not nearly as bad as what others do.

    By the way the fish is in the water.
    #5 3-20-07 10:42pm

    Hey- i didnt say anything except to post information copied from the SASI which there is free access to on the WDFW website.
    #6 3-20-07 11:16pm

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    I have personaly oberseved dozens of paired up steelhead spawning on the wenaha and upper tucannon in mid june. I also caught a spent hatchery steelhead on the touchet while trout fishing about a week after june opener, it was a kelt so I assume it had spawned sometime in that timeframe.

    Your information appears to be accurate although I have not oberseved any spawning activity in febuary, yet the walla walla fish are in full spawning mode by middle march.
    #7 3-20-07 11:17pm

    Zen- thanks for the detailed response...the SASI is generally 'OK' in terms of accuracy, but can often miss details...the spawn timing for west side fish often lists midmarch as the start, when evidence suggests that it can start much point in posting the SASI data was just to add some 'fact' to the conjecture that started this debate. Most data sets suggest peak spawning in your area is in March, but as with any normal distribution, there are left and right tails. In terms of the kelt you caught on the touchet, I wouldn't assume necessarily that it had just finished spawning...they can hang around in small water for a LONG time....I caught a winter kelt in late august last year on the NF stilly, and I have seen video of them in september on the Calawah. I am glad to hear (via SteelieMike) that you stand up to idiots out there engaging in illegal and unethical behavior....I do the same thing...just remember to be careful, and when in doubt, just give the poaching hotline and sheriff a call.
    #8 3-21-07 12:20am

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Got the poaching hotline in my phone and have used it a few times this year. Thanks for the info Tom.
    #9 3-21-07 12:46am

    Dan Soltau
    Speaking of poaching and what not, for the first time while being in Montana we had to show our liscenses to a warden! I have never been asked before, and I am happy that they are out and about, as the beav is prime poaching water above pipe organ right now, which is closed and loaded with fish.
    #10 3-21-07 9:46pm


    Spirit Bears
    Everyone should have the poaching hotline phone number in their phone.
    And Zen... your right...
    Its a Beautiful wild hen.
    #11 3-23-07 10:39pm

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