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    The one that didn't get away

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    The one that didn't get away


    1. cwbraue

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      Registered: January 2004
      Location: Yakima, Wa finally
      Posts: 154
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      Date: 8-20-09
      Views: 1,981

  1. Joe M.

    another addict
    Wow a dead wild bull trout , cool...Seriously?
    #1 8-20-09 10:39pm


    Didnt get away because you sliced it open
    #2 8-20-09 10:51pm

    Sure looks like a Bull Trout to me! Shame . . . seriously! There are some rivers in washington that allow harvest, but . . . . . come on!
    #3 8-20-09 10:54pm


    Banned or Parked
    Really? You didn't learn your lesson last time?
    #4 8-20-09 11:15pm


    The Dude Abides
    weak gawd damn sauce....they dont event taste good...sheet
    #5 8-21-09 12:04am

    rick matney
    Sweet knife. if it breaks you can send it back and it never gets dull!

    Oh by the way you suck, but that is a cool knife.
    #6 8-21-09 12:32am

    Just because your wife's put on a little weight and the twins are a pain to care for, doesn't mean you should go trollin' WaFF with dead bull pics.
    #7 8-21-09 1:37am

    loose ferrule
    looks like the guy killed the fish in the future (2011). we still have time to find him and cut off his balls ... or take the cool knife away from him
    #8 8-21-09 3:04am

    Old Man

    Just an Old Man
    I don't get you people. If it is legal to keep these fish is certain waters. Why jump on somebody for keeping one.

    But it is one skinny fish.
    #9 8-21-09 3:16am

    Ryan Nathe
    I defended you last time you posted a harvested bull trout, but I have since come to realize, just because WDFW says it is legal to do so doesn't mean it is an acceptable practice. It is still your choice to kill these animals, (hopefully not for long) but you clearly know how the people on this forum feel about the killing of such a unique animal and how they will react. Yet you post it anyway. Go to the salt and catch a pink if you want fish for the table. I hope this time you do some research and realize how fragile many of these populations are and change your habits.
    #10 8-21-09 3:28am

    It's not so much that he kept it, it's that he posted a picture of it here. That means he's either stupid, or trolling.
    #11 8-21-09 3:29am


    Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
    Thank god you only catch the little ones! That fish is Barely the minimum size.
    #12 8-21-09 4:22am

    Charles Craumer

    that is a pinner fish anways..looks almost sick.
    #13 8-21-09 12:53pm

    "WDFW says it is legal to do so"

    Yes they do. I caught 4 bulls in that hole over two days and let 3 go, including the biggest one which was a couple pounds heavier than this one. I would think all the steelhead fanatics would be pleased that one less bull will be eating their eggs. I am concerned that other trout species in the areas I fish are being replaced with bulls/dollies. In that particular river I didn't see any sign of other trout species at all.
    #14 8-21-09 1:09pm


    ...has several mistresses.
    Mmmmmm....bull trout....lemon please.
    #15 8-21-09 1:29pm


    You better do your research a little better braue, that statement reeks of inaccurate information. Bull trout are an indicator species surviving mostly in streams with healthy populations of trout/salmon. The fact that much of their diet is made up of small fish, and eggs, must mean their is some other fish in the river. Just because the timing of your visit didnt coincide with the presence of other species of fish doesnt mean that they aren't there in healthy numbers.
    #16 8-21-09 3:46pm

    "WDFW says it's legal."

    WDFW also states it's legal to keep wild steelhead, doesn't make it right .
    #17 8-21-09 4:28pm

    This belongs under the bridge with the other trolls...

    Just because its legal, doesnt mean its right, were you that hungry?
    #18 8-21-09 5:05pm

    how did it taste?

    i've got a couple pink filets in my fridge if you really want fish

    ps... your amateur biology is impressive
    #19 8-21-09 5:55pm

    What is wrong with you people?

    By the way, I just checked the forum rules and it does say not to attack forum members, as I thought it would
    #20 8-21-09 6:04pm

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