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    Toot and Puddle

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    Toot and Puddle

    I came home this morning to a steaming pile of shit in the living room. At least Toot and Puddle are getting a good laugh over it.

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    1. Steelie Mike

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      Date: 11-7-09
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    Calvin Fuller
    I did that to panhandle once. He wasn't to happy.
    #1 11-7-09 5:13pm

    Chris DeLeone
    God I hope you own a dog - We watch more Miss Spider Sunny Patch these days but Toot and Puddle and still high on the list
    #2 11-7-09 5:32pm

    Jesus man. What the hell are you feeding her?
    #3 11-7-09 8:40pm


    "Ride'n Dirty."
    Is that the real deal? I mean that is a joke, right?
    #4 11-7-09 10:51pm

    Steelie Mike
    The was a gift from the dog and it was as real as shit gets.
    #5 11-7-09 11:03pm


    The Dude Abides
    Dumps are way up at your house
    #6 11-7-09 11:25pm

    Kevin J. Burnham
    Well ! I hope you learned something young man !!!
    #7 11-8-09 12:30am

    Steelie Mike
    Kev, don't go to work?
    #8 11-8-09 12:59am

    If you want you can borrow our dog to train yours how to clean up after itself. Most we ever have to deal with is a few leftover "crumbs."
    #9 11-8-09 2:48am

    Charles Sullivan

    dreaming through the come down
    Holy shit! That's a huge pile o' shit. That does not look pleasant.

    Oddly with a 2&5 yr old girls I know nothing of this toot and puddle.
    #10 11-8-09 3:03am

    Itchy Dog

    Some call me Kirk Werner
    That's a job for a spatula right there. Just don't let the wife catch you using her kitchen utensils for that sort of task. I know from experience.
    #11 11-8-09 4:39am

    Paul Huffman

    Lagging economic indicator
    A least she didn't fill up the pink sneakers.
    #12 11-8-09 4:54am

    Stew McLeod

    aka BigMac
    My old border collie only ever had one accident like that ... she did it in the bath tub though so I was proud of her ...
    #13 11-9-09 1:02am

    Here's a rotten trick to play on your kids if you have a dog.

    Take some pumpkin pie filling and roll into "doggie treat" shapes. Place in a paper towel, - being sure to smear the towel for an authentic look. With the kids in another room, stand near the usual doggie "crime scene" and curse loudly about Fifi making another mess. Invariably, the kids will run excitedly into the room because kids NEVER miss something disgusting. With the most revolted look on your face you can muster, continue to complain about the "bad dog." Then when they least expect it, gobble the whole mess in front of them, - being sure to get it on your face, licking it off the towel, etc....

    I guarantee the look ont their faces is worth any minor psychological scarring they might incur, or pain of being kicked in the shin when you start laughing. My son still punches me when I laugh about it (hurts a lot more now that he's almost as big as me.)

    My only regret was not setting up the camcorder.
    #14 11-9-09 3:26am

    John Hicks

    Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
    Mike that will teach you not to fish the Kalama in the morning when your wife wants you to hang with the kids.
    #15 11-9-09 11:57pm

    Steelie Mike
    #16 11-10-09 12:59am

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