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    Kalama buck

    Kalama buck


    1. East Fork

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      Registered: May 2004
      Location: Vancouver, WA
      Posts: 1,200
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      Date: 8-1-03
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  1. East Fork
    You are a steelhead god!
    #1 1-24-04 4:45am

    #2 1-24-04 5:00am

    beautiful fish
    #3 1-27-04 2:55am


    my favorite part about this photo is the bloody fingers.
    #4 7-23-04 10:30am


    Brian Perry
    I dunno Backyard.. I like the strung up Ugly sticks in the background.
    #5 7-23-04 9:08pm

    you know not everybody is straight out of a damn orvis catalogue. Tons of people catch fish with spinning gear, and I garauntee you they have a great time doing it. They're honest people who pay for their fishing license like you do, and just because we fish with a rod that's 3 feet longer does NOT make us morally superior to them. God I hate snobs.
    #6 5-19-05 6:17am

    East Fork
    The fish was caught with a bait diver and sand shrimp on an old Fenwick fiberglass bait caster. Even further from the fly fishing ethos, when the fish hit, I was at anchor with a beer in one hand and a sandwich in the other. Still, it was a magnificent fish - perhaps as good at the local area produces.

    For those of you that know and love the Kalama, the hook up came between the Red Barn and Prichards.
    #7 5-20-05 3:42pm

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    Just a question, why post it on a fly fishing website? I hope to god you never hook a wild steelhead with bait.
    #8 9-4-05 7:43am

    East Fork
    Zen, I posted this picture for the same reasons all the other pictures are posted in the gallery, including yours.

    I enjoy all types of fishing. Fly fishing is the method I enjoy the most. Still, some social situations are more fun using other techniques and some species are more enjoyable when fished with other gear. For example sturgeon can be caught with flies but doing so is somewhat contrived - not really fly fishing at all. I suspect most of the guys on the site would agree but acknowledge there are those would not, whatever their motives.

    Using sand shrimp behind plugs for winter steelhead need not have a mortality factor greater then using flies. Most of the fish are hooked in the corner or top of the mouth and those few that have taken the bait deeper can be released unharmed by simply cutting the leader while the fish is still in the water.

    I hope this helps. If not, feel free to PM me.
    #9 9-4-05 5:37pm

    Zen Piscator

    Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
    East fork...check your pm box.
    #10 9-6-05 5:28am


    This is a perfect picture of how not to hold a fish. Please guys, if you're going to talk about reduced mortality keep your hand out of the friggin' gills... I recently had to ask a local 'sportman's' shop to take down a picture of someone holding a federally protected bull trout with just one hand in the gills. Seriously, if you're going to take a picture, tail it and cradle the body, otherwise you might as well whack it on the head and eat it for dinner...
    #11 2-10-06 11:14pm


    Be the guide...
    Why in the wold should we give a rats a$$ how someone holds a dead fish? Especially a dead hatchery fish?? That fish is dead as a door nail and besides the obvious blood from the gills where it was probably being bleed from, it is clearly as stiff as a board. Are you going to critique how he fillet's it too??
    #12 2-11-06 12:23am

    East Fork
    It is indeed a picture of a dead hatchery fish.
    #13 2-11-06 5:34pm


    Not used to people taking pictures of dead fish. Not really used to dead fish. Not used to hatchery fish either. Hey... Still goes for holding live ones though...
    #14 2-12-06 9:24pm


    Be the guide...
    Not used to dead fish? How else are we supposed to eat them? Live sushi??? Wink
    #15 2-16-06 9:24pm

    Kyle Smith
    Seriously, you self-righteous weirdos, focus on real problems this world faces, and applaud this man's frickin' huge fish!
    #16 2-20-06 10:30am

    dud e that doesn't even look real f knin sweet
    #17 3-1-06 4:00am

    Dick Warnke

    was Pram-Man
    I saw this pic and thought what a great fish, did'nt give a thought to how it was caught, then started reading some of the "holier than thou" comments. I don't believe some of the BS a guy who catches a fish has to put up with. Good fish and good for you East Fork.
    #18 4-15-07 7:49pm

    That is a fish worthy of eating!
    #19 4-16-07 7:49pm


    Wannabe Senior Member
    Nice fish... regardless of how it was caught or held...
    #20 4-18-07 9:29pm

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