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    A nice 5 lb Dolly I caught


    1. cwbraue

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      Registered: January 2004
      Location: Yakima, Wa finally
      Posts: 154
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      Date: 9-13-05
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  1. Andy

    Workin in a sweet mullet
    I hate to ask what the stringer is for
    #1 9-13-05 3:30pm

    Rob Zelk

    I swing, therefore i am.
    I don't like to see any native on a stringer. You should know that most the people on this site probably release them, because we want to preserve them as a future opportunity. You won't get a positive resopnse with a native on a stringer on this site, especially if that fish really is 5lb. Please throw them back for the sake of them being there, especially the big ones. I hope we can educate on this site, not bash people who keep them, in hopes of changing the way people look at our native fisheries.
    #2 9-13-05 3:49pm


    Workin in a sweet mullet
    well said RZ
    #3 9-13-05 4:37pm


    Hey Bro- That is a sweet Fish. 5lber way to go!

    Next time it would be cool to let those boyz go. Plenty of other fish to keep like good Whitey's
    #4 9-13-05 5:30pm


    Each time you kill a dolly a kitten dies too.
    #5 9-13-05 6:00pm

    Don't encourage him IBN.

    He will learn in the end; when he arrives at heaven's gate. He will face our Char overlords alone. Do you think the signal will be for "up" or "down"?
    #6 9-13-05 7:09pm

    #7 9-13-05 7:21pm

    It is legal to keep Dollies 20 inches or more on that river, as I'm sure everyone knows. I release 90% of the fish I catch, and that is only the second Dolly I have kept in my adult life.
    #8 9-13-05 7:47pm

    Think of all the baby steelhead that will live now, that he would have eaten if I'd released him.
    #9 9-13-05 7:48pm


    Banned or Parked
    "Think of all the baby steelhead that will live now, that he would have eaten if I'd released him."

    That's just ignorant and the photo is in poor taste any way you look at it.
    #10 9-13-05 8:04pm


    Workin in a sweet mullet
    if you release 90% of them, why do we only see the one picture of a dead one
    #11 9-13-05 8:10pm

    I don't know that it's ignorant to say that this dolly/bull would have eaten baby steelhead, is it? I know I've caught dollies that are so full of eggs that they're puking when you release them. And maybe they only eat salmon eggs but I really doubt it. That said, I don't think this is the board to put up a pic of a dead fish. But I think you found that out already.
    #12 9-13-05 10:47pm

    He wasn't dead in this picture, I had just caught him.
    #13 9-14-05 2:20pm

    Cwbraue- if juvenile steelhead had not evolved to survive the predation of bull trout, they would not exist in the basin you were fishing. Don't give us that BS and let yourself off the hook easily by lying to yourself and thinking you actually helped the ecosystem. What you did was certainly legal but please don't frame it as an act of conservation.
    #14 9-14-05 3:04pm


    Sure bull trout do eat a few salmon, steelhead, trout, and even juveniles of their own species, but they are an indicator species that can only survive in the healthiest pristine rivers... They also feed heavily on decaying salmon carcasses and salmon eggs as stated above. Killing this one hasnt really helped out any other fish.. just hurts the ecosystem as a whole..and illiminates anyone from catching and releasing this fish in the future.. I'll have to agree with the statements above keeping these beauties is not something you need to be posting on this site.. plus ive heard they dont really taste all that good! wait til the hatchery silvers are in the skagit or cascade and go put those on your stringer!
    #15 9-18-05 12:00am


    If you want people not to kill the dollies, you have to ask yourself a question: What have you done to change the law. It is poor form to toss a guy some shit for keeping a fish he is legally allowed to keep. If you really want to change the world, a BBS is not the place to do it. Work to change the law or close your lips.
    #16 11-8-05 10:08pm

    Ryan Nathe
    Well said Monk. I can't believe the people on this site. Giving this poor guy so much shit. He is keeping one fish that he is allowed to keep. He is doing nothing illegal or even close and he has to put up with so much crap from people on this board who think they are so goddamn high and mighty! So everyone who gave him shit has never bought wild salmon or kept a wild salmon? Or purchased farmed salmon which have a huge negative effect on the ecosystem. I fished for them last weekend and decided to release all the ones I caught, but that was my choice.
    #17 11-17-05 1:30am

    get rid of the stringer...
    #18 7-14-08 6:07am

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