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    Skykomish native

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    Skykomish native

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      Date: 1-23-04
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    I know what you mean Dan. Here's the deal.. Fish was sitting in the shallows and in the second it took to reach for the camera the thing squirted up on the rocks. Believe me, if it could have been different I would have done it. I was solo and landed the biggest steelhead of my life. If you've ever been in a similar situation you know that total control is not possible. Please take solice in knowing this big buck was taken a few years back in April so he charged right back out there and I'm confident he was in good shape. Stacy
    #1 1-25-04 6:41pm


    Be the guide...
    I'm with Dan on this one. The fish are rod are laid out nicely. When the fish shot up onto the bank, was the rod already there, or did you put it there afterward? I just caught my biggest steelie ever (a native), and had to take a few pics myself (see my gallery). I understand first hand the temptation to get a great pic - especially with a rod or other way to size it up. But the big nates are more special than that - and deserver better handling in my opionion. Even finding youself in the position of having a fish beach itself just before taking a pic - I would have chosen to put the fish back in the water before taking the pic. We don't want to encourage others to treat native steelhead this way - even if you did it unintentionally. Don't mean to come accross as a jerk - just asking that we all be careful about the message we are sending by some of our pics. I've been guilty in the past too - and took heat. So you aren't the first Smile
    #2 1-27-04 7:50pm

    I knew there might be heat, but thought people would enjoy seeing a large native fish. And for the record, the dent in my Battenkill didn't come from the rod being "laid out nicely". Still pissed about that. Come on man, I was shakin' like a little boy. Like I said, it didn't go as planned. I usually don't take pictures. Usually try to get them with the soft tape if they're over 30", but even then the fish comes first. I know what happened that April morning. I sleep at night. In fact, I dream of fish like this. Ha!
    Take it easy,
    #3 1-28-04 5:29am


    Be the guide...
    I do love the pic. Wish I caught it. And I'm sure you treated the fish just fine. All I'm saying is that we should be mindful of the message some of our pics give others who may not appreciate a native steelhead as we do. They see a nice shot of a big native laying by a rod for perpspective - and they want to do the same thing when they catch one.
    Seriously - awesome fish and great pic! But am I making any sense?
    #4 1-28-04 6:47pm

    I am so sick and tired of hearing everybody bitch because the fish was only half in the water. Everybody always thinks there perfect but in the heat of the moment most people aren't. If you have never laid any fish on the rocks or picked it up by the tail and in most other ways you are perfect then by all means say so. If you have done this even once then keep you stupid trap shut. You know how tired everybody gets of hearing the minority flyfishing snobs whine all of the time. Let it rest guys. I mean after all this comes up about every other day.
    #5 2-4-04 1:34am


    Be the guide...
    Tim, I understand your point, but if that is the way you really feel about the subject, then you are missing my point and I think your namemoniker really fits. Yes, just about everyone has made the same mistakes - myself included. But I continue to learn and try to be more responsible. A little constructive feedback never hurt anyone. It's not about being snobby, or whining, or being self rightous. It's about protecting our valuable nativewild fish. What's so wrong with that?
    #6 2-4-04 6:05pm

    Maybe we should use hookless flies..
    nah lets keep setting sharp metal hooks in fishes mouth and let them run around with mono filment line attatched to a rod while we pull back really hard dragging them in by their dislocated jaw..
    come on peeps lighten up.. nice fish....yell at the ocean liners killing fish up by the thousands... We are the last thing to worry about. Set that hook hard. That fish was caught on his 10,000 cast. You'd be excited too. Any way who's to say that fish is really native they don't cut every adipose ...geeeeeeez
    #7 5-17-05 7:30am

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