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    Already caught a fish so now I can name it! Tyin' some big nasties for the high water and for this summer in Montana. How does it look Rick?

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    1. Connor H

      Bobbers n Beadz
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      Date: 5-12-09
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    Connor H

    Bobbers n Beadz
    Rear hook-
    Olive\White Marabou
    Grizzly Hackle sides
    UV ice dub

    Connection- 30 lb. Maxima

    Front hook-
    Grey cone
    Olive\White Marabou
    Grizzly Hackle
    UV ice dub (Middle and Behind cone)
    Collar- Grizzly Schlappen.
    #1 5-12-09 3:52am

    rick matney
    Right on! Looking Good. Make sure you tie some up in black, and olive/yellow, and white.

    Don't be afraid to bulk up the head with deer hair, wool, bunny or even foam.... Big profile.... move water and send vibrations, The lateral line is very sensitive.
    #2 5-12-09 4:04am

    Connor H

    Bobbers n Beadz
    Cool, I need to run to a shop soon and pick up some different colored marabou.
    I am down now to just olive and white! So a spun head and some more bulk will help it?
    #3 5-12-09 4:15am


    "Chasing Riseforms"
    That looks like a mouth full..
    #4 5-12-09 4:43am

    Looks B.A.S.S.y too!
    #5 5-12-09 5:02am

    Connor H

    Bobbers n Beadz
    Its tied on 2 size 4 streamer hooks with about a half inch gap in between! The fly is pushin about 5 inches long...
    #6 5-12-09 5:19am

    rick matney
    Yeah try to get a bigger "head" On it so it pushes more water. You can put some fins on it and underlay deer hair or wool. Look at it when it's wet and then picture a sculpin or sucker minnow.....actually I'll post a picture of a sculpin for ya.
    #7 5-12-09 1:12pm

    Dan Soltau
    that would be a delekatable double screamer!
    nice baitfish colors, baby trouty... i cant say enough for hook gap, i am to using bass or stainless steel saltwater hooks.
    any fly can catch the fish up to about 20, but going above that with consistency involves profile. The bigger, the better.
    #8 5-12-09 1:25pm

    rick matney
    dan is right , Way bigger......I have some trout streamers that are bigger than my sailfish poppers. In the 12"-14" range. Try tying some with a 2/0 saltwater hook up front with 7/16" spirit river cone and a size 2, 3x long , dia rikki in the back. Build up the under body and put the marabou over the top.
    #9 5-12-09 9:20pm


    Fishin' to the end, Oc.P
    with Nine weight rods????????????????????????
    #10 5-13-09 4:33am

    rick matney
    10's and 12's
    #11 5-13-09 7:39am

    Dan Soltau
    personally, i just bring the 14.

    but you are way better off with the 8 wt than the 6 wt. the 7-9 combo is great, the seven for stuff up to 6 inches, and a fast action 9 for the rest...
    that fly you have there what i call a "numbers" streamer, shit on the right day you can put 50 plus in the boat on that fly. especially on the upper madison and big hole. they are probably gunna top out around 20-22 with most goin 12-16. Which is sweet because you a) probably watched em annihilate it, and b) because the guys with bobbers always stare at ya like hilary walkin in on monica. oh you slut!
    #12 5-14-09 1:36am

    Connor H

    Bobbers n Beadz
    Nice. I will be headin' up to Montana this summer at least once! I got an 8 weight I can bomb around when I'm up there.
    #13 5-22-09 3:11pm

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