Don't know the name, but great fly
Ron Eagle Elk

Don't know the name, but great fly

Tied By Calvin1
Thread: Pink 8/0; Tail: PT Fibers; Body: Pearl Mylar; Rib: Small Red Wire; Thorax: Pink Seal Imitation; ShellBack: Pearl Mylar; Legs: Mallard Flank dyed pink.
Zen hit the nail on the head for intent. I was intending to do a pink lighting bug with the materials that I have. My buddy said it was enough of a variation that I couldn't call it a lightning bug. He's christened it the "Pinky".
I have never tried a pink nymph. Glad I got one, and can't wait to give it a shot.

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2006 / 2007 Marathon Swap - Nymphs
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