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Misc Streamer

great looking tie...i think you inherited your streamer tying skills from your daughter...or is it the other way around?
Go to your local craft/beading store - pick up a couple spools of "Beadalon - Nylon coated stainless steel wire"(JW02B-0) 3.49 for 30 feet. 7 strand 15# breaking strength seems to be the ticket to thread through hook eyes. If you compare the wire to the American Fishing Wire "surlon" I don't think you will notice a difference, and it costs 1/3rd the price...

It makes your stinger hooks stay in place as far back behind the hook as you want.

Sweet fly by the way.
Yeah, you will see what I mean when you put it together, it makes the hook always ride behind the fly instead of moving around with the current, potentially missing strikes. Rig the wire the same way you do with the fireline and you are set.
The #30 fireline will get floppy after awhile, as the coating comes off. I use #25 amnesia and have had good results.

Crump- You ever have a problem with the 7strand wire kinking and breaking?
that is a fresh fly, leave it how it is, screw stingers! I use 20 lb maxima to connect my hooks on articulated jobs with beads over it to keep it strait, works very well although I might go to wire...
Bucktail is under appreciated, one of my favorite streamers are the blonde series that are just bucktails. Super light, awesome darting action, 1 material, and when fished on a sinking line, insane.

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