Nympher swap

Nympher swap

Tied by mike doughty - Hot wire caddis
Also one of my flies, a hot wire caddis. as good as i think this fly looks i did not catch my first fish on it until i had already decided to tie them up for this swap.

body-rust colored wire
shellback-flat black floss pulled over every 4th or 5th wrap of wire
wing-2 white goose biots tied in like a prince nymph then a few strands of pearl krystal flash on top.
dubbing-chocolate antron wool
head-silver bead
I don't remember what size this particular one for the swap was but it would either be a 16 or a 14. i'm thinking 14 though
Mike, gorgeous pattern. I particurly like how you tied in the overback material . . . simple, yet effective, and just 'looks' right.

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2007 Nymphers Swap
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