Art. Wooly sculpin

Art. Wooly sculpin

Assuming trout attack the head of this fly, I'm not sure if I'd lose hookups secondary to the hair head and collar being so close to the hook? Otherwise, the motion of this fly seems great (at the bench).
Damn, those are some nice sculpin imitations. You gotta be carefull with the 2 hooks though. I know a lot of places that are under selctive gear rules only allow single barbless hooks.
Thanks Rory, I called F&W today to ask that very question about the legality of articulated flies in areas with selective gear rules or fly fishing only.

Selective gear rules state that you can fish three single barbless flies. Fly fishing only water allows two flies, each with a single barbless hook. The person at F&W claimed that the flies I described would technically be legal, since there is no description of how far apart the flies need to be and this would simply be two tandem single barbless hooks. This was clearly the first time that question had been fielded, so I'd probably still be fishing at the risk of a field officer's interpretation. Fortunately, mine are tied for Montana. Any doubt and I'd just cut one off.

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