The GS
Chris Scoones

The GS

Roper, too often, it's pointed straight up. I'm actually comfortable riding it into third gear now. I guess I never got it out of my system from the days of dirt riding. ;)

I gotta put the knobbies back on and when I do I'll continue on the fire road exploration. I'm working on a short cut from North Bend to the upper Sky. If it works out it'll cut my drive time down considerably.

Considering a 12 gallon tank for it for longer hauls but obviously the weight add wouldn't be pretty. Next I'll likely add some new / larger paniers that'll bring the bag storage up to 200 liters. Then maybe a new front fairing with updated lighting.
No but I'd prefer to have a little more distance in the tank. Yes, I can squeeze out almost 200 miles if I'm driving like an old lady but it's just too painful for me to ride like that. ;)

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