SRC Swap 8/04

SRC Swap 8/04

Gurgler by Fishingjunky15

Hook: TMC 9394 #6 (4X long nickle plated)
Tail: White bucktail and pearl flasbou.
Body: Wrapped pearl krystal flash or diamond braid.
Over Body: 3mm white foam.
Throat: Red paint (acts as a strike inducer)
This is a great fly to use while searching for SRCs or if you see them surfacing/jumping. Just cast out and strip in. Use 4-8" strips, fast or slow, with pauses or none; you need to find what the fish want. Usually a 6" strip and quick pause will get strikes. Don't set the hook too hard when the fish strikes and it's better not to until the fish takes the popper and turns.

You will get lots of explosive strikes and less hookups that fishing a streamer but, it is really fun to watch a SRCs agressivly take poppers.

Fish over the usual saltwater SRC haunts: stone/oyster beaches, pilings, good currents, and eel grass beds.

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2004 SRC Swap
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