Gary LaFontaine Halo Emerger

Gary LaFontaine Halo Emerger

Well sorry folks. I did something wrong in loading these. Were suppose to be in SWAP PHOTOS...
This is one of those "just-in-case" flies that has really produced for me in numerous situations: bugs coming off all over, lots of fish at the surface and no one catching anything - except me...... Lot's of fun - a fish w/ every cast. You have to read LaFontaine's The Dry Fly - New Angles to appreciate how Gary came up w/ this design. Recipe: 1. Clear Antron tag, half way down the bend 2. Marabou or ostrich tail (I add some of the antron w/ the barbules) 3. Dub two-thirds up the shank (LaFontaine recommends creme, olive or brown) 4. Strip of closed cell packing foam (from home electronic purchases) figure eighted in & trimmed at this point 5. Dub thorax to build it up a bit 6. Orange deer or elk hairs tied in and canted up (important to cant up so you can get the fly tied onto your tippet more easily). I keep a small box just for this fly; 12's thru 16's in the 3 colors mentioned above.

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2008 Callibaetis Mayfly Swap
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