Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout

This tiger trout took a damsel dry. In my experience tigers seem to especially like eating adult damsels. This one is one of the prettier trout I have caught.
Wow! Those are such cool-looking trout. Can't wait till I catch my first one. Where did you find that beauty?
Sorry, I don't mean to seem unfriendly but I can't tell you where I caught it. The lake can't handle that much pressure. Lenice and Nunnally have tigers though and I have caught them of this size there.
Another genetic mutant... Hatchery created craziness... Good thing they can't breed and hybridize with the natives like other introductions (rainbows, etc.)
I'm not sure where they are bred but I think it's very likely that it's in WA. If you call the WDFW I'm sure they'd tell you where they are bred.
Nice one. Didn't know there were tiger's up in the NW.

Twin Lake in Manitoba has a "Trophy" tiger trout fishery with fish up to 30+".

They're a blast to fish when the boatmen begin to fall in the late autumn.

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